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Feel like giving up

louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
Any words of encouragement ? I feel as if my voice is getting worse rather than better :( granted i havnt been religious with my practice, but i feel at a loss. Just finished my debut album, sounds great, but I feel as if my voice has not improved, and its making me feel as though i want to give up. I know my laziness is mainly to blame, i should be doing it 5 days a week, but i give up quickly as i get frustrated if i dont do something right, or if it dosnt sound exactly like Ken, or i have little blips here or there. Anyway does anyone have any wise words? I feel a great sense of frustration :( Sorry for the negative post!


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    You know, Louis,

    You're at the point, after giving it all you've got working on an album, where you're a little exhausted, and it's like: "Now what?"

    I know that sometimes recording an album brings a band to the point of breaking up.  You build up to that moment, and it drains everything out of you, emotionally.

    I suggest you get back on that horse and ride.  You've made improvements, and there are more to be made, and they won't come through moping. 

    Giving up won't help you to improve.  Frustration won't, either.  Don't beat yourself up.  You're not Ken and neither am I.  We will be more like him the more we work on his exercises and stay with the workout schedule.  The little blips improve.

    We all beat ourselves up too much, and we all need to stay with our practice regimens. 

    Your work sounds really good, and a good portion of that most likely comes from the work that you've put in on learning Ken's techniques.  You know you want to keep getting better and you know you will if you'll get up and get back on that practice horse.  It helps you to do what you love to do better!  So it's not such a drag, after all.  It's the most direct path to what you've wanted all along! 


    All the best, Louis!




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    opgallianoopgalliano Pro Posts: 61
    Few months ago I was feeling same way about to give up and moving backwards. Got to just stick with it if it is something you want to do in your heart. A lot of times their is so much information to try do and think about am I doing this right this wrong etc... that you go into overload, I speak of myself and it gets frustrating. Then good days happen. One day it will all just come and it will be easier, just have to do the hard work to get their. Get good advice and constructive criticism along your journey. Accept the level you are at and work harder to improve to get their. At least that's what I'm hoping will happen for me. Good luck!
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    louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
    What a great response, I will get to replying back to you all, but thankyou very much ! I feel alot better. Just have an on going battle in my mind, its the musicians/creative minds curse thats all. I will be working on eliminating it thats for sure! Album is almost done though, sounding great! anyway i could send one to Ken? so you can all hear? and maybe he could use it on his posts? He's welcome to mention I use the program.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Louis, just know that we're all rooting for you! 

    Don't let your demons drag you down! They're liars, you know!

    Ken is interested in hearing student's recorded material, especially when it is in video form, for posting on his YouTube and Facebook pages. 



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    Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446
    Hi Guys,

    These are all great responses.

    Louis, would it surprise you to know that I have felt like that many many times? In fact, I took from so many vocal coaches with confusing information that I didn't know what end was up and wanted to give up and just quite. I thought I would never achieve the voice I wanted (or even a fraction of it).

    In fact one of the reasons for me putting together this program was to help others not have to go what I went through.

    Please consider something:

    I don't know if you have ever trained for a sport (or even another musical instrument) but when you dedicate yourself wholly,...really put in the time...with good information, you will make strides. Then sometimes it will feel like you slip backwards...and then with perseverance...BAM...another great stride. This is especially true for age changes in the body as well.

    If you can hang in there and train (even when you don;t feel like it) this is what separates the men from the boys.

    Over time you will look back and be sooo glad you did.


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    louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
    Honestly, Thankyou all of you for lifting me back up. All Great responses, each one making perfect sense! Glad I have you all there for support. I feel much better, it comes and goes. Bob you hit the nail on the head, inner demons really do take it out of yah, but im fighting them off. Ken, Thanks for this program it really has helped me leaps and bounds! I just wanted you to know my issues are nothing to do with the program, it is all a personal thing. My range, stamina, have greatly improved, i just need to understand we all have good days and bad days! most of all though, I must stop being lazy! and actually do the program consistently as you said. On the other hand my bands album is sounding HUGE!!! some serious wailing going on, (safely)
    I will end you a copy when its done, and we are filming our debut video next week.
    Thanks again to you all!!!!!!
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