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Hey guys, I'm Dennis!

Been with Eric Arceneaux's program for 8 months, but I felt like I needed something new and different. I want to keep learning more about the techniques of singing, so I came over here.

But basically, I decided one day I wanted to sing. I'm a pretty shy guy but I came out of my shell and just started looking up videos on how to sing on YouTube. This was about 9 months ago, so I'm a fairly new singer.

Other than that, no one really knows me so I just wanted to give a quick introduction of myself :)


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    Hello, @dend359!

    It's good to meet you!  Everybody here just decided one day that it was time to really learn to sing, so here we are!  And, Hey!  We're really learning to sing!

    We've got all kinds of singers here from all kinds of previous training, but I think you're the first one to say they have taken Eric's course. 

    For the time being, you need to be a blank slate as you study KTVA.  There may be differences between Ken's methods and any others you  may have studied.  If you want real results with KTVA you need to give Ken your full attention, and set aside other methods.

    We're glad you're here. 




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    Welcome aboard @dend359,

    before KTVA, I was looking for a good vocal program and also tried the Aapproach for few months. Eric is one of the few teachers that are actively singing, I like that very much. Although his teaching is based on good support, there are many things coming from speech level singing. Doing his program, I still had the feeling of never-ending warmup. My chest voice started to atrophy because I lacked the information on how to develop it. You can learn how to be a good r`n`b singer there, but no way you`ll became a rock-solid belter. Why restrain your potential to only one genre? If you wish to sing musical, rock, metal and also r`n`b, soul and jazz, you`ve come to the right place. Over time, you will be suprised of what your voice can really do.

    Good singing to you,

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