So can an older cat sing like that?

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Hello all

My name is Michael and I am new here. After years of frustrating dead ends with vocalists I have decided to finally try to take on vocal duties myself to achieve the sounds I hear in my head over my own original music. I have tried male and female vocalists and have worked with some great talent but the dedication factor is usually non existent! My main concern is that I am 43 and just starting. Is this too old to have a great, powerful voice for metal? Some of my favorites are Geoff Tate, Midnight, Michael Kiske, Michael Sweet. and others of that ilk with the ringing higher notes but my favorites by far are Tom Englund, Matt Barlow and Jorne Lande. I don't smoke or drink and haven't been ruining my voice for years. Is this doable and are these lessons the vehicle to get me where I want to be? Much thanks for any help and/or info!





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    You are but a child.  Your entire singing life lies before you.

    What are you waiting for?  This is the place to get serious about your voice. 

    Dig in and you will have no problem, other than realizing you should have made this decision long ago, because you would be that much further along in your journey.

    That said, there's no time like the present to start shaping your own future!


    Welcome, @MMiller43!



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    I'm older too, and am improving at a phoenominal pace. I feel this time of my life is going to bring a lot of joy through getting in touch with the sounds I've known were buried deep down inside of me my whole life. I have ended videos of Ken's and just stopped and said to myself, "that guy is AWESOME!"
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    Aren't you glad you made a really wise decision?  There are a lot of vocal programs out there all trying to hypnotize you into buying their product, yet sadly, the majority of them are woefully lacking in substantive results. 

    You are already seeing that things are happening with your voice this early on, and I am here to tell you, you ain't seen nothin' yet.  The REALLY AWESOME stuff takes a long time to develop, and you're getting started on that processing time now.  This is about growth, muscle memory, training, and coordination.  These are all actual learning processes and growing processes that happen over periods of time, and like fine wine, get better and better the more we work and the more we learn. 

    YES.  This is going to be a very rewarding time of your life, and it just keeps on growing as you keep on doing the exercises and methods.  You will find yourself performing songs publicly that you never dreamed you would attempt in the past. 

    This is real, it's not a dream.  It's reality.  Ken's methods are proven.  Train on them and you will vocally go where you never, ever would have otherwise.

    Enjoy the process.  Getting there is half the fun!



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