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Hey everyone, sorry my previous post in the singers lounge was in the wrong sections, but anyway. I have just recently purchased the "Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy" download version.I am an aspiring female vocalist that wants to better myself as an overall musician. I discovered this site after watching a Youtube channel called Ten Second songs and was blown away by the versatility of his vocal range and tone. After doing research and over viewing reviews of musicians that have enrolled into this academy, I thought I'd give this a go. I play both electric and acoustic guitar with a variety of styles influenced by Musicians such as Jimi hendrix, Robby Kreiger's flammenco and folk style guitar riffs from The Doors, and Mikko Lindstrom guitar riffs from HIM. My favorite vocalists are Lacey Sturm from Flyleaf and James Maynard Keenan from Tool, perfect circle etc. Any advice for a singer in training? Tips and suggestions are more than welcome.

Many thanks appreciated



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    Looks like this particular post was never answered.

    So how is your progress going @MusicAvenue8?

    You should be plowing along by now, based on your introduction. 


    I apologize that your post was not seen.  I hope your voice is cranking out all kinds of new sounds!

    Give us an update if you like!  It would be good to hear from you!



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