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Hi everyone,
I just purchased the complete bundle after watching the free very informative videos on you tube. I feel very blessed to have found Ken's program before any others after reading some of the horror stories from other artists. My name is Don, I am 46 years old but don't feel it, and a grandfather of 2 and one on the way. I am going through a divorce and just started playing guitar again after 20 years and want to form another band. I sang all throughout school in choirs and sang back up vocals in bands, but have always wanted to sing like some of my favorite singers and never could because I don't know how to expand my range and power. My goal here is to be able to sing with power and achieve the range of Rob Halford from Judas Priest and Geoff Tate from Queensryche. After watching some of the videos I am confident that I have found the holy grail here with Ken and can't wait to get started.


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    How is your progress going?  Today I found a number of posts, including yours, that I haven't seen before.  I hope you are doing your workouts and that your voice is beginning to really grow by now. 

    You are in a great position to get your voice moving along and have a lot of success stepping up to the role of lead singer.

    You are right that this is the right stuff to learn the safe way to sing like Halford and Tate.

    Tell us how it's going!



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