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Sore Throat?

chookieggchookiegg Enrolled Posts: 7
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Sometimes when i get a cold ill have long sneezing fits and for a day or two after that it will feel sore in my throat... so i was wondering when it is safe to practice again? i.e. is certain types of throat pains okay to practice with but others arent? i heard that if your throat hurts to swallow then dont practice, but i was unsure on what informatio nwas correct......the feeling i have in my throat is a sort of itchy and dry feeling n it will cut out my voice a bit on some notes .... should i leave it a few days before attempting any practicing?


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    Ken TamplinKen Tamplin Administrator, Moderator Posts: 446

    Singing carefully on a sore throat is ok except if it is Strep or if it is induced by smoking / smoke inhilation etc.

    Sore is ok, HOARSE IS NOT.

    If the throat gets more sore when singing stop and wait until the sore throat has passed.

    Monitor this.


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    chookieggchookiegg Enrolled Posts: 7
    Thankyou :) ill give it a rest for a few days just incase, sometimes rest improves things quicker than over training :) 
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