Hi Bob. Hope all is well.....been a while. I have been practicing plenty and hope you can hear the sound I'm generating now. I'm really glad you kept on pushing me for more support...because in my opinion one simply cannot sing without it and I have been working on that endlessly. This now has opened so many other dynamics (open mouth/drop jaw chest/ head voice ect.ect.) I'm feeling NO tension anywhere...in fact the more I go up (in scales) I actually get a light 'floaty' feel...hope you know what I mean. I'm really happy with whats going on now and feel I can do anything (not getting ahead of myself...just gaining in confidence with every practice session not to mention 'aha' moments are popping up all over the place....practice has now become 3-4 hours every day now....I'm getting serious on my ass..ha)
This demo is a Spandau Ballet tune which I mixed over the original piece.....the vocals are placed real high here.....I also hope my mixing is getting better too. One thing I want you to consider when listing to this is that I dont really know this particular song that well and had to read lyrics (and sing) so I may seem a little hesitant on a few lines...I also did this in one take!!!!
Bob I'm happy with whats going on and KNOW I can do better on this tune with a little more familuarity with this number. Just want to here your comments and then I'm gonna send you some more demos'.
Cheers mate Tom


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    This is really sounding good.  I wish you had a karaoke version of this so I could hear it without the original vocals underneath your own.  It kind of has an "inflated" effect, and I'd like to hear it without the other voice.

    I can tell you've really been working with your voice, and you've improved considerably since the last demos I heard from you.  I guess you finally got your studio finished up enough to fire up the recorder. 

    You're doing very well, man, and I'm proud of you!



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    Thanks Bob. I'll send more demos (clean tracks/karaoke). Also I'd like to say that I have the best (you) teacher in the world!...You need to take credit for this too for sure.
    I'll send more over time.
    Cheers my friend and keep well. Tom
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