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Hi my name is Antoine I watched some of Kens videos, the more I watched the more excited I got, imagining being able to sing much better & achieve my dreams. What struck me was his style of singing was something I had  always wanted. I am a professional solo  singer guitarist and have felt limited  & frustrated in the songs I play as I have not got the vocal range or style. I have been to singing tutors in the past but never felt that motivated by them as they didn't sing in the style I wanted & seemed  to teach things that seemed irrelevant & boring.  Ken's videos make sense and his powerful passionate enthusiastic  positive energy in these videos really helps. I expect to  achieve a lot out of this course as  it will be money well spent. Great vocals get great wages, great satisfaction, great popularity  & plenty of work.

I down loaded these videos but due to my slow internet speed this was a long process. I have watched the videos once in volume 1 and there's a lot to take in, work on & get right so I think I will watch a few times, or maybe to start concentrate on getting the first half right. Not sure what the best approach is, any suggestions? Would be handy to have someone local (I live in England) who could check I'm doing it all alright at a price I can afford (no disrespect to Ken as I imagine he is in high demand) as not on rock star wages.

I imagine I will have a ton of questions once I get stuck in, so hoping this forum can help.


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    You will need to watch the videos many times.  Your mind will lock on to something Ken says and you will lose track of where he goes after that.  I watch them over and over and always catch something new every time.

    You have two basic goals to begin during Volume 1: (A) Learn to Bridge and connect smoothly between chest voice and head voice, and (B) stretch your chest voice to go higher than it does now.  It takes a really long time to stretch your chest voice, so start that process now.  Some take a while to learn to bridge well, so get started on that as well.  These are both separate tasks, and each is kind of the opposite of the other, so don't be confused by that.   You need to do both jobs: Stretch Chest voice and Bridge smoothly.  When you are working to bridge smoothly, don't worry about stretching chest voice.  Focus instead on getting a smooth connection without a yodel.  When working on stretching chest, don't worry about connecting.  Just focus on getting your chest voice to higher and higher notes.  Later you will combine connecting smoothly with your stretched chest voice.  But for now, these are separate tasks.

    You can post demos here on the forums and we will give you feedback.  Please have your demos be of you doing the exercises.  That way we can help you to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

    We're glad you're here.  You have come to the right place.  Get ready.  Your voice will grow!


    Good Singing to You!



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