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Blown Voice?

Hey guys,

I think I blew my voice yesterday. Today I have barely anything to the point where speaking is almost completely dropping out.

I made some stupid decisions. I had a gig at midday which was only an hour, so that was fine. I did Volume 2 completely to warm up. Then after the gig on the drive home I thought I'd use the time to sing through some hard songs, e.g Matt Corby's "Brother", which has full chest sounds and distortion, and Matt Corby's "Souls a'Fire".

I then warmed down a little, took the arvo off. Few hours later I drove down to my girlfriends, had 40 minutes so thought I'd do more singing, still intense, full voice, distortion. Warmed down breifly, then did the same on the way back home a couple of hours later. I was in no way delicate with my voice.

I also had a beer somewhere in between, though it was just one. 

I've watched Ken's video on Vocal Health and Wellness. He said if you are horse than try to come back with the bright timbral sound, but he also says if you have completely lost it, that's another thing. So I'm not sure what I should be doing.

It's currently 3 pm Wednesday arvo, I have a vocal lesson tomorrow and a gig on Saturday Night.

Ill try to get the timbral brightness back but won't over do it. 

Dumb decisions! Advice?




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