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Any tips for Recording?

  This weekend will be my 1st recording session being the vocalist; and as I've had studio experience as a bass player, I've never been the guy in the vocal booth. I don't want to be one who needs tons of overdubs with the "meter running" $$$ wise at the studio. Or worse, have a product we're not completely happy with. I've been sticking with cool water for drinks, and no food for hours before..I'm doing the volume 1 warm up in the car drive over. Anything else I should do?  Plus what are thoughts on double-tracking the lead vocal? I hate the sound of the doubling effect (jane's addiction "chances" comes to mind) but do want a big vocal sound. (shinedown, etc) Are those effects and double tracks? Or is there more I should do with my voice? Thanks!


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    Big-Production vocal sound takes many layers.  Ken, whose voice stands alone, even single-tracked, is aware of a lot of vocal layering techniques used by many artists.  He has acted as engineer and producer for a number of artists, and is privy to the techniques those artists used on various albums, from first-hand knowledge.

    At times this involves putting a bit of delay and various panning positions.  Sometimes de-tuning a clone of a track and experimenting with the pan placement and level in the mix.  Possible multiple reverbs being employed, yet subtly, with differing pan placement. 

    This being your first session as the vocalist, I would go simple this time, and mostly just make sure that you are well-warmed up, yet fresh.  Don't do anything that wears on your voice for the days prior.  Work on getting through the sound check without wearing any of your voice out.  Then try to get good results on the first take or two if you can.  The longer you keep hammering away, the more hammered away your voice will get.  Go for little boy voice and try to keep that fresh.  Try to come up from behind the notes and descend down to land on them rather than reaching up to them.

    The studio should have good delays and reverbs that can add a sheen to your voice if you want that. 

    Keep it fresh, exciting, and fun! 

    Use it as an experience-builder that will help you plan for next time.



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    Hi Ken- Need your permission to use the exercise mp3 files to use with my Hypnosis and Subliminal Recordings.
    With other endeavors (professsional and other), I had good results in hypnosis and subliminal recordings and I want to make my own KT vocal coaching.  I transferred the KT mp3 files (vol 1) into the Apple IPod. I listened to the MP3 exercises while walking and try to practice too.  However, I want to shorten the learning process and retain the KT exercises through hypnosis and  subliminal recording. I still listening to Vol. 1 MP3 files.
    Question- which exercises in all the volumes would you recommend to record and perhaps achieve my plan.
    I am a senior and sing in a church choir.  Because of my age and memory lapses, I am adding the memory hypnosis and subliminal process. 

    Please help.... thanks Ed A
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    Hi, Ed,

    I forwarded your message to Ken. 

    His response is below:


    Hi Bob,
    That is an unusual request.
    I have no problem with him doing that. 
    I do know that self hypnosis does help a lot of people...


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