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Fabio is an Audiophile

kaulferskaulfers Pro Posts: 300
For some reason this popped into my head today.

I know the audiophile world is one deep rabbit hole-like most niches-but I want to know if you know of any songs that require high end monitors to really hear the layers.

What might we be missing with just regular old PC speakers ect?

If you know of any songs please share them? 


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    There is quite a range of difference in the possibilities of higher-quality systems vs regular old PC speakers.

    Most PC speakers (without a subwoofer) have very limited range, and just don't sound very good.  You won't hear much detail in a pair of low-fi three-inch speakers.

    You don't have to spend over a million dollars to get a system like in the video above in order to hear better quality.  Just like you don't have to have a kitchen like the one in the video in order to enjoy a motorcycle ride.  ; ^ )

    You could spend a couple hundred or so and get the Bose PC system with the subwoofer, and you would definitely appreciate the difference.  Go to a Best Buy and push the buttons on their demo sets.  You'll instantly hear layers and sounds that are not discernible in the speakers that were likely included free with your PC, or even with an i-Phone.

    You can get Bose ipod docking stations that make an iphone or mp3 player ROCK.  I'm sure there are other makes that also sound good.  I'm just familiar with the Bose line as a quality sound in a compact package. 

    Most recording studios have very high-quality monitoring systems that are designed to reveal everything in the recording in a way that represents what will be heard in the majority of playback systems.  They will also have some cheap low-fi systems to compare, as well, so that the final mix will sound as good as possible, regardless of the playback system.



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