Hi from Austria - the land of waltz, Mozart, Haydn...

Yesterday I started with Vol 1 and I hope I can get along with all the instructions.
Our national language here in Austria is German and I learn a lot of new vocabulary with this program :-)
However, I teach music in a grammar school, so I enjoyed classical singing education at university,
but that doesn't really help if I sing in my rockband or at work... noone - not even my young students wants to hear a
classical alto voice.
I'm so confused now after so many teachers and different techniques - I mix 'em up and what comes out is a doubtful result.
My country is very proud of its classical roots, so there are just a few teachers who try to teach Jazz or Pop singing,
but their roots are in classic music too.
I play about 10 gigs a month and sing every day at school with the students and I start getting problems with my voice
- hoarseness, losing pressure in my voice, losing joy for singing, imperfect intonation.
If I listen to old recordings I hear that I sang better before I learned or thought about technique.

I found Gabriela Guncikova youtube videos and she covers many songs that I (try to) sing too.
Wow! What a voice - I love her! :-) That's how Whitesnake songs should sound with a female voice!
And that's how I found KTVA and I feel confident that I can come to the voice that I want to have and I feel very
motivated and it feels like that now there is a structured plan for me that I can follow.
I hope it works and I can put it into action.


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    nouveaurichenouveauriche Pro Posts: 8
    Good luck to you, Sonya, on your journey.

    Remember one thing Ken states in the beginning: put everything else you know on the shelf while you learn what he teaches - the Belle Canto style (I think I spelled that right). You are blowing your voice, pushing too hard, is you are hoarse every day. Ken talks about that in one of his videos - essentially all the problems you have encountered with hoarseness, losing pressure in your voice, imperfect intonation and losing your joy for singing.

    R E L A X and enjoy the process. Know you will get there...and relieving that 'strain' will be one of the first things. Welcome and I look forward to hearing of your progress.

    Be well,
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    Welcome, @Sonya!

    There will be a lot more information coming out with Gabriela working with Ken on these Pop and Rock sounds in Ken's new Academy Subscriptions.  Quite a bit of material will be released featuring both male and female KTVA students working on many aspects of modern and rock vocal techniques.

    As you work your way through the KTVA programs, you will learn techniques that will help with the problems you have said you are having with your voice.

    Your voice will grow as you implement and exercise the KTVA methods.


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