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Greetings from Spain

Layne_StaleyLayne_Staley Posts: 32.0 PRO
edited August 2014 in INTRODUCE YOURSELF
Hi everyone!

First of all, sorry for my english. :p

Well, I introduce myself. My name is Carlos and I am from a little city named Salamanca (Spain).

Four years ago I started singing (I have 27 now), but between work, studies and other things I could not train well my vocal technique. I recorded some stuff at home but nothing major and I was a year ago in a rock band (covers).

I have been for a year with a vocal coach (SLS) but a few days ago I saw a video on youtube of Ken talking about this technique. I started looking for information on SLS and finally decided to change and buy Ken's method in the Spanish version.

I hope to learn a lot and make that leap in my vocal technique that I need and I take this new path towards my dream with great enthusiasm :)



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