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When will Ken do a Sinatra demo?

I have seen Ken successfully master and demonstrate singing styles for some of the most popular tenor singers out there, but I would really like to see him take on Sinatra. I have noticed that Sinatra uses a warm, slightly dark and heavy vowel sound, especially in his lower register. This seems to conflict with the KTVA method, which teaches that you should always keep your vowel sounds as bright and light as possible, ESPECIALLY in the lower register. Sinatra does not come to mind as a big "mask" technique user. If anything, he seems to use a "lite" Bel Canto style.
 I have found that in order to get the best sound for singing in the styles of crooners such as Sinatra, Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis, etc., I have to drop the larynx a bit and sing a bit heavier and darker (while keeping mask).
When singing in a crooning style, however, one has to be PERFECTLY on pitch. Mask helps so much with that.

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