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1 Hour Webcam with Ken on Wednesday :)

KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
edited January 2014 in Ken Tamplin's Corner
Hey guys! So i'll be having a 1 hour webcam with Ken on wednesday!

Any questions you guys would like to ask him if I have extra time, I'll be glad to help XD


  • reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159
    Im so excited for you!!! Use all the time for you!!! :) Good luck!!
  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Haha thanks! Hope whatever I'm doing wrong will get pointed out! I'll post a review on the forums when I'm done xD
  • ChrisBurrellChrisBurrell Member Posts: 4
    Hey kokonuhtz, could you ask him in his experience how can you tell what range can you predict someone to be when they're voice is at they're full maturity, if they are in they're teenage years? 
    Like for instance, would a 15 year old bari grow into a 20 year old tenor orr...........?
    If you have time please please please ask him. 
    I will give you extra man points! 
  • NigelNigel Administrator Posts: 138
    Just a reminder guys, if you have any questions you want to ask Ken, you can do so right here in the forum - in Ken Tamplin's Corner.  Don't be shy, he's on here pretty much every day and will help you if you ask him.

    Also - don't forget to join us on the live training sessions (webinars) if you have any questions.


  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    edited February 2012
    Haha okay Chris. And yes Nigel is right, you can also just leave a message here on the forums or e-mail it to [email protected] ;)

    Though I'll help you ask if we have extra time :D

    EDIT : Oh and Chris, I think that vocal types are more to the color of your voice, tessitura, etc etc. Not only range plays a role in determining that. So yeah :). A baritone can sing in a Tenor range but the color of the voice would be different :D
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