New KTVA Member!! Excited to take things to the next level

Hi Guys,

I am Josh Ross. I am from Detroit, MI. I am a professional singer and teacher and decided it was time to take my voice to the next level. I struggle with head voice and extreme high notes especially above high C, so I invested in Ken's program to take my voice to new heights. 

After just a couple weeks with the program, I have already noticed huge improvements and ease in my upper register. I also had my first lesson with Ken yesterday, and let me tell you, his private rates are astronomical, but his instruction is worth EVERY penny. He helped me more in 1hour than other teachers could help me in a several months. 

I will post some videos soon to show my progress. I am a lyric tenor like Jason Mraz and Steve Perry. Any song suggestions that I should share?

Looking forward to meeting you!


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