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Woooow!!this is my greatest topic of concern!!I have been taught how to use my diaghpram!and breathe from the stomach and all of that!!they say don't raise ur chest!!but my chest just keeps on raising!they said don't breathe in through ur nose!!and okay I breathe through the mouth but my chest still raises...whyy?and then they als say push the stomach out and in!!well I'm a girl and we girls like to tuck in our tummys so they can look flatter so when someone tells me to push my stomach out!all I do I push it back to the normal size and honestly there is no air whatsoever in there!I was hoping ktva would help me!!but with what I have red I am looking forward to mor imagery and more push this out and feel this yet I'm actually not feeling it!!


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    You will see a number of videos that explains this in more detail once you become a student.

    There are also many more parts of the KTVA forums that are visible only to enrolled students.  There you will see many explanations of how this works, as well as in the Volume One lessons. 

    Some students struggle with this, and with the imagery.  We do our best to walk you through it.  There are pages and pages here on the forums on this topic, and Video after Video to show you how to do it.

    You'll get it.  It's not that hard.  Just don't worry and keep taking in the information.  You will have your "AHA Moments".   We'll get into greater detail when you have access to the videos and information.



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