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last question I promise

Now I want the cd package and not the audio package because well the laptop in the house is shared!my dad and I !and so I don't think its wise for me to just leave my ken tamplin valuables in there!but I live in uganda!!sometimes things don't get here!or they get here crashed!or they take forver getting here(I said sometimes)...so in the case that I don't receive my cd package?what happens?do I loose out like that?
And theEenn
What is the best one to order!!I want to order for the whole course including the pro packs....and the golden course and all that that allows me to have lessons with ken!I just want all of it at a go!!so I don't have to keep purchasing and purchasing!so tell me what to order !how to order it!and how much it would totally cost me!and then



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Well, when you're ready, then you should go to the ordering page and just order the GOLD BUNDLE HARD COPY.  That is the complete package with DVD/CD discs.  When you do that, KTVA usually will also let you have the complete download, too (including downloads of Volumes 1, 2, and3, as well as all of the bonus and ProPack files.

    So if that's the case, you would get the entire package in a download, PLUS the DVD's and CD's of Volumes 1, 2, and 3.  You could download your package to the laptop, and then possibly make a backup for safekeeping.  Later your CD's and DVD's will arrive via mail.  One thing you should know is that the CD's and DVD's are the VOLUMES 1, 2, and 3 only.  All of the bonus materials and PRO PACK files are download ONLY. 

    If you get the Gold Package, you will be contacted by KTVA to schedule your Webcam sessions at your convenience.  You can ask that the discs be packaged extra carefully, due to the rough ride they may have all the way to Uganda.  That might cost you a small extra packaging fee, I don't know.  KTVA will take care of their customers.  Anybody that may have received broken discs can probably attest to that.  KTVA can't help it if the mail is slow, breaks your discs, or is even corrupt there.  I think you'll get your materials safely.  If not, you can ask for assistance after a reasonable amount of time for them to get there.  The Gold Bundle does include the Pro Package plus 3 one-hour Webcam Lessons with Ken.  As I said, you can request the DVD's and CD's, but the bonus materials and Pro Pack files will all be Downloads. 

    That's OK.

    You can ask more questions.

    ; ^ )



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    laurynkarungi96laurynkarungi96 Member Posts: 28
    Okay!!so just to make sure I have understood
    When I purchase the gold course,I get downloads and then receive the discs later on!!and I should create back up for it?yes?and the gold course has all three volumes,pro packs,and three hours worth of skype lessons with mr tamplin?yess?that is all!!
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    ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    Just get the downloadable version and put it on a USB-drive that you own. In addition, create a backup by signing up to dropbox.com and upload it to your personal folder there. Dropbox is basically the same thing as a flash-drive, just online. Alternatively just put it on two flash drives instead of dropbox.
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    laurynkarungi96laurynkarungi96 Member Posts: 28
    Okay!!okaay!!sure!!thank you
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