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PLEASE HELP - Vocal Mystery

Right, will try and keep this breif - About a Year and a Half ago i was unwell, like some kind of virus - stupidly i continued singing through it and damaged my voice badly, to the point where i could feel bits dangling in my throat, like i needed to cough something up. When i felt like i was getting better i tried singing again but my whole throat and neck would tense up, the muscles getting very tense all the way up my neck and behind my ears, id give myself head aches and my throat would be extremely painful, sometimes to the point where it would get infected and id got back to square one and be unable to talk without pain for the next month. I have been to doctors, speech pathogists and ENT's for over a year now - most recently the ENT. He's had a look twice now and said theres definit swelling around the vocal cords but no nodes, no permenant damage, just that im must be using my voice wrong, which is strange because I sang for 6 or so years before hand and never had any problems, however was never professionally trained and i never took care of my voice properly....drinking/smoking etc etc. 6 months before it all went down i got in a fight and had my nose broken and was wondering if it might have anything to do with that, also i was well stressed out for a long period leading up to it aswell, which i know plays a big role in that kind of stuff, but the mystery is now, after a year and a half, when my ENT says theres no damage just some swelling, what is continually causing me to go through a whole lotta pain when trying to sing or even talk over background music? Tense neck, headaches, sore throat ...HELP!?


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    This is a tough thing you're going through, and it's tough for anyone to give you help.

    Of course the first thing any of us here would urge you to do in a case like this is seek medical help and advice, but it seems like you've already gone that route and it's down to just some swelling on the cords, but the problem has not gone away.

    Pain is a BIG RED FLAG.  Pardon me for saying this, but I'm thinking it's likely that you are using some incorrect techniques if you feel pain when using your voice.

    Your best course of action would be to book a session with Ken Tamplin.  He has a lot of experience in helping students overcome issues that have otherwise stopped their singing careers. 

    Without proper vocal techniques, you may re-injure yourself.  This is important.



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    cheers bob - and i agree - i think it is technique, but the question is, whats changed the technique after 6 years that its become pianfull and damaging, when this had never occured before  - is it possible that a broken nose could later lead to something like this? 
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    Your injuries from the fight could have influenced your voice, especially if there was ANY roughness that happened to your throat or larynx that you may not have noticed due to the pain and focus on your broken nose, which HAD to have hurt a lot.

    Your trachea and larynx are composed of fragile cartilages and ligaments that could easily be damaged.  Hopefully there were no blows or grasping of these areas. 

    Because of the pain involved and seriousness of your case, you may need specific rehabilitation and careful guidance. 

    Again I would suggest a consult with Ken. 


    All the Best!



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