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    Yes @OfficialJamesLight,

    Nice to meet you.  You are RIGHT, this one IS the best.  I should know. I've paid for just about all of the others and gotten nowhere NEAR what KTVA has done for my voice. 

    That's a good sign, that you were able to tell the difference and see through all of the advertisements that are after your money. 

    So why does your dad say you can't sing? 

    You say you're a talented guitar player.  How is your pitch, vocally?  Can you tune your guitar without a tuner?  I just ask that, because some new singers struggle with pitch discernment and pitch matching.  If you've got that working for you, that's good.  Otherwise you will have to build that skill first in order to move on to the meat and potatoes of building your voice. 

    Yes, the lip rolls and Ken's "tongue exercises" are important basic building blocks to get your voice limbered-up and working right. 

    Diaphragmatic Breathing and Breath Support are VITAL to getting a good sound and protecting your voice from abuse.

    James, many of us here (myself included) are here for the same reason you are considering KTVA: We wanted to step up and take our turn at the lead microphone.  And many of us are succeeding at just that, very well, thank you.

    The empowerment and determination you say you have is probably more important than walking in here with a natural-born talent for singing.  These are techniques that you will learn that will help you learn to grow your voice and, in your case, build from scratch.

    It's not easy, like just about anything else in life that takes hard work and self-discipline.  If you want this like you say you do, that will make the whole process much easiER for you.  You've gotta want it.

    Regarding getting the individual volumes vs. buying the bundle: I believe that overall the cost is less when you buy all at once.  When you buy the bundle, you also get the bonus ProPacks that probably Double the amount of information in the form of instructional videos and webcam lessons you can watch.  Definitely do not start at the end or in the middle.  Start with Volume 1 and spend ALL the time you need to in order to get the whole thing NAILED!  Then Volume 2, then Volume 3.  If you really want to take this to a professional level, you will need all Three Volumes. 

    If you succeed with your vocals as you have with your guitar, you will never have a problem finding a band or starting your own.  You will free yourself as a valuable member of any band, and gain a lot of mobility that way.  You will also have the capability to be the best backup singer or harmonizer any band could want. 

    I look forward to the day when you tell us your dad told you he was so proud of you that you accomplished what he thought you would never be able to do. 

    Set your sights and move forward!

    Great Singing to YOU!




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    Sir, let me just start off with saying, you are a true hero! I have seen you comment on other peoples discussions in real good depth, with lots of valuable information. you are definitely a great man!

    I think my dad says I can't sing maybe because I choose songs that are very powerful and have different pitches? because I am and 80s guy like I said, Richie Sambora. like these songs


    If you pick up what im throwing down. And with a very UN-trained and newby voiced that good sound it hard to achieve! And I reach up for high notes and strain my neck, which I have read is a very bad habit, but easily overcome with the right training! IE: I hope to get from Ken!

    Because I am very new to singing I don't understand all your references but I am learning every day! If you mean vocal range, does that mean like, lets say, A2-G4, or something? because my lowest note or noise, Hahaha I can hit, without any difficulty is A2 using "la" (bare in mind I have no training and don't know what I am doing) high= B4-C5 ( Is that really bad?) Im not sure I was doing it right I did this video.Ill try again doing that tomorrow when Im more relaxed!


    And the question about tuning is that I can tune the E strings with my ear but not the others , but if I hear a song I can easily pick up the chords and know what key to solo it, depending on the chords! does that help?

    And I will buy the bundle then! but that means I will have to buy the course later because I need to save up!

    Also I was wondering if you could do a cover of one of Richie Sambora's songs I put in the links above! "Stranger In This Town" that would really boost my confidence knowing that with the right training and determination, you could sing with the pitch and power of Richie and more!?

    I'm happy to call you my friend now Bob hahah:) your an awesome guy

    PS: Im 15 and quite young! is that an advantage or disadvantage and why?
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    Wow I was watching the B4 note to see if that was my highest note haha! and I found Richie Sambora on it:) I think that is a sign? :)


    go to 4:18
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    Do you have a private email or something so I can send you an audio file of me singing a song, so you can judge my singing ability and what sort of type I am, like tenor, baritone ?

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    Thanks for the compliments.  I'm just here to help people.

    You can send me an "inbox" message with a link.  We prefer that you post in the demos area for newbies, so that others can learn from your demo and critique.

    I've never heard Richie Sambora before.  He's very good, and I can see why you would want to learn to sing like he does.  I can also see why you are aware the KTVA is a good choice for learning to sing that way.  Richie uses a powerful voice and a lot of ornamentation in his singing.  That is a very advanced mode to sing, requiring a lot of vocal agility. 

    I did encourage you to set your sights, and by your vocal role model, I can see that you do have great aspirations.  All of those B4's makes you wonder what will come AFTER?  ; ^ )

    Isn't it interesting how differently the B4 sounds from each of these different singers?

    I'm afraid I have a few too many irons in the fire at the moment to stop and learn one of Richie's songs for you.  I spend a ton of time on the forums here, play regularly in a live band, do my own vocal studies and workouts, and am up till the wee hours of the night most of the time.  It would take a serious study to do justice to these songs; they are masterpieces!  In fact it's been a long time since I've recorded anything. I'll have to fix that, but I am swamped presently. 

    Yes, your ability to discern keys and chords will be of help to you.

    Your age will be an advantage over time, as the earlier you start the more you will learn.  As you go through the change in your voice, you will have some extra moving targets to contend with.  I wish I had been able to start my vocal studies at the age you will be starting.  Good for You!

    I'm happy to know you and to have a new friend!

    Good Singing to You!




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    Ok my man! I'll send you a recording tomorrow! And again thank you so much for your support! I'm sure I'll have lots of questions in the future which you will be able to help me with!! Your a trullly nice guy;) thanks
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    I will put it in the demo area too :)
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    I went to see how I message you and it says I don't have permission to do that?
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    So my ultimate question and my final is;) it it possible for me to learn to sing like him if I dedicate lots of hours to effective practice, and have very self-empowered motivation? And have the right training program which is going to to be KTVA that I have decided? Thanks
    You should be happy you now have a new member!!!
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    OK, I guess you won't be able to use the private messaging until you become a student.

    There is a lot you can't see in the forums until you get enrolled status.

    Yes, it is entirely possible, and even quite likely that you will be able to sing much like Richie Sambora.  I don't know if you'll be able to beat him in a battle of the singers, but I think with your work ethic you're going to give him a run for the money!

    You know this will take time and a lot of work on your part, but you will be given the tools to get there if you apply yourself.  Your motivation and follow-through will be key factors in your success!





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    Thank you so much, man!! You made me literally smile! Can I still post a video in ur " Demo for newbies# Evan if I'm not enrolled?
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    Maybe if you send me a Pm I will be able to reply back? Worth a shot?
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    About volume 1, when I watch all the videos loads of times and understand them should I then go to the audio file? Or as soon as I learn something do the audio file? And what if the scale goes to high for me in the warmup?
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    You should be able to post to the Demo Area for Newbies now.

    You watch and rewatch the video multiple times.  There is a lot of information coming at you in a very short period of time, and your mind will be racing.

    The audio files are your daily warmup and workout.  You will do the audio files at lease once a day, maybe twice, more if you can squeeze it in.

    When the scale goes up too high, you just wait it out until it comes back down to where you can join back in... or fast forward your player.  Eventually you should be able to sing all of the exercises all the way through.



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    Ok thank you very much Bob!
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    Hello Bob! I posted my Demo! in the "Demo for nubies" area:)
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