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Hello everyone :) Greetings from Finland! Finally I got myself into introducing myself after being a member for a few days.

I’m a 32 year old woman, I’ve been singing my whole life. I started as a child with my grandmother and sisters, I sang in an a cappella band, took classical lessons, abandoned the most I learned from it, learned how to sing rock by myself and after that I’ve been in a few rock cover bands. Music is my passion although I'm not doing it for living. I love music! I love rock! Especially that good stuff from the 70’s and 80’s :)

I found Ken’s program by accident via Youtube and I’ve been hooked ever since.. I know my body and I recognize the muscles Ken uses in his demonstrations, so it helps me a lot figuring these new methods out. I’ve been in this program for just a few days, but already I’ve found it amazing - I did the lip rolls and tongue exercises with the vowel exercises before my gig on Friday, and I think I’ve never sounded better! Singing was easy, my voice was clearer and those high notes didn’t feel so high anymore.. I’m full of trust in this program and I will continue little by little growing my voice and finding the ease.

It’s always good to know, that you’re not alone with the hard stuff :) That’s why I think you will be seeing lots of me here ;)

Yours, Hanne


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    Hello, Hanne!

    Thanks for introducing yourself.  We're glad you're here. 

    Sounds like the KTVA methods are just the ticket for really opening up your voice!  Just keep up with your regular exercises and your voice will take off like a ROCKET!!!

    Follow Ken's instructions to the letter, and when you get a little lost, we're here to bounce questions off of.  You will find that the Lip Rolls, Tongue Exercises, and a few rounds of LAHs will be a good launch pad to wake up your voice before a gig. 

    Dig in and start rocking your voice!

    Nice to meet you!!




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    Hello Bob and everyone else, nice to meet you too :)

    Here's a clip from yesterday, I sang Foo Fighters' The Pretender, I got inspired by Ken teaching Gabriela :) I recorded this with my mobile, so the quality is what it is.. and my facebook makes noises :)


    As you can hear, I have a big voice. I assume I have an open throat for the most of the time and quite good support, but am I pushing it too hard? The song is a tough one but I tried to move and jiggle my hands so I wouldn't be stiff. Any tips what to do first trying to lighten up my singing? Or is it even necessary?

    Yours, Hanne

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    Sounds good, Hanne!

    It doesn't really sound like you're pushing too hard, but as you progress through the KTVA Volumes you will learn to cut back the air and hold back the breath, which really helps to keep from overblowing the vocal cords.

    You can sing with a brighter tone, and drop off some of the weight of chest voice, but the tone you are using sounds pretty good so far.

    I think you are going to be a natural for Ken's lessons.  This song sounds like it's definitely suited to your voice and style.

    Not bad for a phone recording, either.  If you feel you may be pushing too hard, you can use more support to help hold back some of the force of the air when you are compressing. 



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    Thank you Bob so much for the tips!

    I'm just about to start today's vocal work out. I'll try cutting back the air or at least try everything possible that could help me figure this out :)

    Yours, Hanne
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    Hello again :)

    I've been with this program about half a year now and I'm loving it!! My learning process hasn't been daily or weekly at certain points of time due to my work and health but I've managed to really understand some things Ken is talking about in his lessons.

    The most important thing I've learned so far, is how to stretch my chest voice. I used to hit the wall around F#4 with my chest voice and with my head voice it was around E5. And nowadays my wall with my chest voice is around C5 with a "clean voice". And my head voice goes up to D6. This is amazing :)

    I've got my own problems with gastroesophageal reflux and fibromyalgia, which have their own affect on my voice. But still, I love music and singing <3 It is my passion and it keeps me sane ;)

    If you want to take a look, here are my band's new tracks, we've got our own rock thing going on.. :)

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    Hello, hanne.k  

    Your voice sounds nice. These mixes mask a lot of  the power in your voice because everything seems to be sitting in the same place/space of the mix.

    Seems like the drums and guitar are competing for the same space and your voice is in third place.

    Thank you for sharing.

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