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Hey guys, 
I'm brand new to the forums and everything and recently got Ken Tamplin's program. I am a former Singing Success student and can say that after getting to know a bit about Ken's program, that this technique is much better than SS. I was doing SS for about 8 months and really developed a good connection of chest and head. But, the problem with it is that there is really no power once you get up into head voice. Granted, I didn't go ahead and give the Mastering Mix a chance, but I just really didn't see how that way of singing would ever give me the powerful chesty mix voice that I am really looking for once you get up into the F#-G-G# area and even further up. And as far as I am concerned, the singer's that are able to do that are the most impressive singers to most everyone. So I'm excited to really get into this, but I am sure I will need some help. I believe I am a baritone, as my range seems to be about a G2/Ab2 and my passagio, I believe, or the place where I would need to go into head voice using SS is right at the F-F#-G area, with G being the real breaking point if I'm belting it, and then the top of my head voice range is right around an E5.

So that's about it for info on my voice and I hope to get to know some of you!



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    You have come to the right place to get your voice straightened out.  The other programs just don't teach what KTVA is teaching. I just saw your post.  Thanks for introducing yourself.  By now you are probably starting to see some progress with KTVA. 

    Just leave everything you learned from your other program at the door.  You're with KTVA now.  Time to grow your voice for real!

    Looking forward to hearing you make progress!




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