Emerson Lake and Palmer cover

Hello Bob. Ive posted a EL and P tune for you..C'est La Vie. 
I feel I'm really breaking on through with everything and its sounding pretty good. I know I can correct a few things here, but I feel I can now recognize where I am going wrong and how to correct it.......I feel like I needed to get my act together and break out of my shell so-to-speak. I'll tell you that the BIGGEST challenge for me was to stop the bad habits that I just could not get rid of....kind of when in doubt 'go back to what I was doing' almost automatic like. When one (me) has been  singing so wrong for 30 odd years its very difficult to break out of that...if you know what I mean.I remember watching a video that Ken did and how he said to everyone that they should leave all that they have been taught in the past to 'leave it at the front door and give him the benefit of the doubt'...In my case that was easier said than done...ha. My regret is that I didn't  get taught correctly form the very start.........I'm just so stocked that I found KTVA (including yourself) of course.....its taken a while...but Im really going well now. My practice sessions are going very well now and I'm starting to really like my sound now. I am going to start recording many demo's now and post them. I actually did a Kate Bush number the other day (Man with a child in his eyes)...I could not believe how it came out.....regret not recording it at the time!....Anyway I hope you enjoy this one....many more to come mate.
Your friend Tom.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357


    You are sounding good, my friend.  You have worked long and hard to come to this point.  You are starting to sound like YOU, and I mean that in a very good way.

    I think you've crossed the threshold into being where you've wanted to be for some time.  The quality of your voice is sounding good, it's got attitude and style, the pitch is on, and, and, and...

    I think you've gotten over the hump and into the place where you can start cranking out a lot of tunes and continuing to grow.

    Nice job on blending in the vocals.  They sit in the mix very well.  Not too loud, but just right to hear all the nuances.

    Keep it up with the practice sessions, they will continue to work their magic as you faithfully work your voice.

    Keep 'em coming!



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    sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    Man...whoooooo!!!...I'm starting to impress you...ha ha...I'll let you in on something. I actually feel (with all the time and effort) you put in for me I feel in some part, that I owe it to you to become not just good, but Very good....Yes it is paying off.
    I will post some more soon.
    Go well Bob. Tom
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    sealrosesealrose Enrolled Posts: 162
    One more thing. I really appreciate your comments on my mixing too. I think Ive got a new respect for all them sound engineers out there.....here I always thought they just got drunk back there!!!...just kidding.
    Cheers Bob
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