Greetings from Bohemia (NW Czech Republic)

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Hey all, happy to be here and part of what seems like a really awesome, supportive community!  I just purchased KTVA and am really looking forward to digging into this with dedication and fervor.

What sold me on the course is pretty simple - it's the 'show and tell aspect' and Ken's pleasant and inviting demeanor that made me click the 'buy' button.  Well, that and being pleasantly surprised to see Gabi Guncikova on the KTVA website endorsing this program; that sealed the deal.  I saw her first on "Czech Idol" a couple of years ago and holy cow, what a voice!  Anyway, I am stoked to get started.

A little background on myself for those interested:  I'm an American, living with my Czech wife and two sons in the rural countryside about an hour NW of Prague.  I've been around the block as a musician, am a voting member in the Recording Academy and a BMI affiliate with a half dozen solo releases under my belt dating back to 15 years ago, in my twenties as an original electronica composer/producer (think GOA, breaks, Psy - old school 90's club stuff that the DJs spin)  I'm a 4th generation musician on both sides of my family but the very first to strike outside the classical realm.  After I grew weary of the club scene I played in a few bands in Portland, OR (where I'm originally from) that saw some success and toured around the western US, and those were 'fun' projects but not really what was satisfying for me.  All that 'legacy' aside, here is the real reason I'm here...

I am classically trained, play multiple instruments and generally compose, record and produce everything myself or at the studio, but I've never considered myself a vocalist other than the occasional open mic for my singer-songwriter tunes that aren't released to the public, or possibly (drunken) karaoke.  ;)  All my previous music has either been instrumental in nature (like the electronica) or else I was in a project on an instrument, maybe doing some background vocals, but always hiding behind a bass, a guitar, a keyboard or a drumset.  While I love playing for huge crowds, it *terrifies* me to think of being front and center, in the spotlight, as a vocalist with nothing but a mic stand in front of me.  In short, that's why I'm here.  To get over it, gain confidence as well as strength in my vocal ability, and be able to sing what I hear in my head.

I'm starting an entirely new project, with an EP that will be coming out in a couple of months with a 2nd EP in the hopper as a precursor to a full length album TBA 2015, and I decided to be the front man.  It's something entirely different from anything I've done before, sort of a hybrid of hard rock meets electronica with soaring Maynard meets Bellamy vocal stylings that I hear in my head but can't reproduce without shredding my voice.

I'd say that I definitely know how to sing as far as theory and tonality, but don't know how to do 'production' with my vocal chords properly, or how to get the sound I want without developing bad habits, so before I do that, I'm starting with what I feel so far is the best community of like-minded individuals that I've seen or heard of.  Ken's sample videos impressed me greatly and I intend to eat this up quickly.

I'm also here for you all, and happy to share what knowledge I have.  if anyone has questions about the music business from where I have been, feel free to message me.  I think we're all stronger by sharing what we learned and wish I'd had web communities around me 20 years ago that were willing to talk about things I had no experience with at that time.  I'm no wizard or expert but if my experience in 'everything but being a vocalist' can help you in some way, hit me up.



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    Greetings, AJ!!!

    Pleased to meet a Bohemian from the Portland area.  (I'm in Eugene)

    Your background is interesting, and I'm excited to see what happens when the Vocal part of your musicianship begins to take root and grow!  You've been at this music thing for a long time, so dig in and follow Ken's instructions.  He puts out a lot of information, so don't let anything slide past you.  Correct practice is everything, especially when done regularly and carefully.

    Give it all you've got.  You'll get it all back many times over!






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    Thanks Bob!

    Too cool, I love Eugene, and have spent a ton of time there (Go Ducks!)  Mom was a prof there way back when.

    Great course so far, I'm finding that Ken echoes a lot of what I felt like I thought I already knew, which is good!  Reinforcing old/good training, when I worried maybe I'd gotten some bad advice in the past.  I'm working the exercises in doubles and it's going great so far. Ken does a great job of reinforcing the subtleties, and as you sort of said, those are key.  There's a lot of information there but in such a neat package.  I'm diggin this a lot!

    Amazing how relearning some solid knowledge spoken in a different way has already improved things in just the first day (breathing, posture, throat position, etc)  My 'punch' and presence is already bigger just from revisiting the fundamentals.  Very happy I jumped in with both feet and looking forward to going deeper with this and seeing how big my voice can get.  Any trepidation about the decision to do this course is long gone.  Good stuff!!  :-)
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    Wow! What's the name of your EP? I will buy it (if it's here in ČR) :)
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