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Terrible tension

Hey guys, I have for years had an ongoing tension issue from the High D up. By the time I get To E it's pretty bad. I have always had trouble getting above there. Occasionally I get up to the f sharp. When singing something like sweet child I can hit the E in the second chorus. The tension I get is a mixture of the digastric and those big muscles around the sides of the larynx. I am at the point where I have no idea how to relax these things. I know that my range is bigger than an E. I have a friend who started singing not long ago, I am generally a much better singer than him but he can get up to the g sharp as he has no tension. I am so frustrated with my tension it's getting me down about that part of my voice. Now I know support is a factor for reducing tension. But I want to mention something about Brett Manning. Even though I am a devout KTVA student, Brett can hit super high notes with no tension, even though the tone is super light and weak and not what I want, I want to be able to achieve that type of relaxation in my throat muscles before support. Am I missing something? It gets to the point now where those muscles are sore and tired after vocalising in that part of my range. Thanks for your help again. Sam


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    Hitting a brick wall above C5 usually has to do with carrying up too much weight, as suggested by @streeter.  Ken suggests starting lighter down low in order to not have to shed so much weight.

    Why you are tensioning your digastric muscle in the first place would be a question.  There is no vocal gain to be tensioning a muscle that is used for swallowing and tongue control. 

    Any tension you should be employing should be strictly in your abdomen to support and help cut back the air.

    A video demo would be a good idea.



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    lordsammylordsammy Pro Posts: 62

    So did you have that same issue with heaps of tension? I'm going to try the divas work out ASAP tonight when I get home. I want nothing more than to release that tension.

    @bob so starting with minimal weight and volume?

    I use my digastric due to time spent singing with lack of technique and it's now a bad habit.

    Side note - I've found lately I'm my singing that using nasal resonance like Myles Kennedy and axle rose is very helpful in general singing. It sounds and feels nasal but in a good way.

    Thanks heaps guys

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