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Is Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Right For Everyone?

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Some may ask the question "Is KTVA only for Rock?"  The fact is that there is NO BETTER vocal method for Rock and heavy singing, but if you listen to some of Ken's students, you will see that ALL KINDS of genres are being performed by KTVA students, using the KTVA Methods.  In other words, KTVA is the BEST Method to learn ALL-AROUND singing of EVERY kind.

KTVA does teach strong singing, while many other methods shy away from powerful vocals, mislabeling powerful singing as "pulling chest" or "straining". 

If you learn to have a strong and powerful voice, it is EASY to also sing with less power.  If on the other hand you only learn to sing softly or with low power, you CAN NOT sing with power.

This is WHY KTVA features so many songs and demonstrations of powerful singing.  If you want to be able to have a wide choice of styles and strengths, from the softest to the most powerful, KTVA is really the ONLY way to go.

For this reason, I would like to post some video examples of KTVA students (and a few of Ken himself) performing different styles and genres.




Gabriela doing Leona Lewis'  I See You



Gabriela doing Christina Aguilera's  Hurt




Gabriela doing One Republic When the Love Runs Out



Adam Spizzo doing Michael Bolton How Am I Supposed to Live Without You?



Sonika McKie doing Alicia Keys' Brand New Me



On the subject of Rock Vs. Everything Else, here is Gabriela doing her Rock Vs. Pop video.  Lots of Rock and lots of Pop...



And here is a link to download several complete songs being sung by Ken Tamplin, in several genres.  Listen for yourself, and see if there's a lot more than Rock only. 


 These are covers of tunes by The Bee Gees, Johnny Cash, Al Green, Rufus, Bill Withers, Elvis Presley, Dobie Gray, Kool and the Gang, Three Dog Night, Elvin Bishop, and the Ides of March.  Full versions.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  Ken has Hundreds of covers, and they encompass all styles of music and vocals.  He tends to do a good number of Rock covers simply because those are the hardest to do, especially the belting or gritty vocals, and he wants to be sure that people know that he can both Teach and DO this style SAFELY himself.    







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