Hi Bob.....How you doing boss.
This is an Elvis tune 'Return to sender'...fun tune. The fact is I never really thought I'd ever actually sing an Elvis tune...unreal!!. I have now begun to play 'Producer' on myself now, meaning I am making schedules and time slots everyday for practice then scheduling times and deadlines for planned recordings....this keeps me focused and making sure I'm getting things done.....looking to record at least 4 to 5 tunes per week. I'm going to do another 3 Elvis numbers this week.....next week I'm gonna do some 'Heavy stuff'..looking forward to that....I like this one even if I say so myself.(Must say I'm not that crazy about Soundcloud....but hey.)
Be good and peace out my friend. Tom


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    Hey, Tom!


    Good to hear you're crankin' out the tracks now.  I have a tiny tidbit of feedback for you on this one.

    Remember a long time ago I think I told you be very, very picky about the first note of a song or the first couple of notes.

    The first "turn" of Re-turn" to senda tweeks just a little with vibrato in such a way as to sound questionable pitch-wise.  You don't want that on the opening word of your song.  I know, I'm a little picky, but that's my job.  I'd also have you pay close attention to the rhythmic groove.  At times it seems like you may be lagging and leading slightly. 

    Ken says he always has the click and the drums hot in his headphones and just enough other instruments to stay in proper pitch.  That keeps him right on the money with the rhythm.  You might not have that option with karaoke tracks, but it's another thing to keep in mind, especially if you're going to start cranking these things out like sausages!

    The rest of the song sounds great.

    The mix sounds nice, and I'm happy that you're enjoying your musical endeavors.  You've worked a long time to get to this point, and you're doing good work.  In my live band I do a song that's in the same vein as this one:  "Good Luck Charm".  It's a fun one, too.

    Keep the hits happening, Tom!



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    You know Bob I'm getting better because you are 'picky'....I need you to be....sugar coating and patronising comments will get me nowhere....You're a pro and your comments have got me here (and will continue to)...so keep picking....you have no idea how much I appreciate your input....and I will continue to get better. one thing I have noticed is that when I practice a song (without headphones and music) I actually sound a lot smoother...I feel that when Im recording I my tend to 'over sing' if you know what I mean...I feel I'm much better 'live' than when I'm recording....its just something I need to over come and get used to...no excuses...
    Go well my friend and I will keep going strong....you guys (KTVA) ARE SIMPLY THE BEST by a country mile!.
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