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Hi Everyone! I just recently got interested in Ken's program, mainly because of the motto 'proof is in the singing'  and he demonstrates it very well, and also I saw some of his students and amazed by how great performers they are now..  and after 1 year of SLS studies I was thinking going into a new direction.

My story is that I'm 20 now. I started the whole music and singing stuff in late 2012 when borrowed a classical guitar and started to practice because of inspiration from my fav band and my life was kinda out of happiness I needed something to grab on. Later on in 2013 january I turned to 19  and I got my first own guitar and continued to play, practice but this time I thought about singing as well.I never thought I would be that good in the beginning already. I started to sing songs on my own,  which are relatively in my comfortable range, and it sounded good. I think I just have great ears to hear pitch and stuff. Later I played gigs for my friends and family sometimes while practiced playing and singing, and actually they really got surprised how good my voice is.Note, that I never sang before.....I guess I had that kind of musicality in me always and sang for fun very rare but it was never a serious thing. Given that positive feedback by friends, and REALLY BIG inspiration from my favourite bands I decided to start and pursue music as a career. from that time, I started to take singing more and more serious, tried to go for higher notes, (it was awful) and technique but I got stucked very early. Then I started to watch youtube videos about singing properly. It was not the best, but that was the time when I got some great information about it. about notes, high notes, lows, registers etc..then in summer of 2013 I met the method of Per Bristow - Singing with freedom. It is kinda SLS but it has some other approaches too.My goal was to hit high notes and sound great. I don't really started to see results on them, though I continued to do the program for some time.Then I stopped doing it and later in december 2013 I found Singing Success by Brett Manning. and my singing study started with it in january this year. I did everything exactly the way it should be done. I spent 3 weeks on each 8 technique CD, then redid the program with 1 week per CD. I was on the forums also almost for everyday, asking questions, putting up recordings and stuff. I did noticed some change in my voice. All I got was that my airiness has been reduced and my head voice got better.  but there was no other major results in high notes. On the other hand my voice got darker. I did not like it. It's muddy. It's disgusting.  I remember before I started SS I had a much more brighter and clearer sound. I believe the "teaching" that "try to be as careful as you can and don't let your voice out", "don't open your mouth too wide" just made destroyed my voice. "That you should be soo light and have very tiny volume." This teaching just made me to sing in a way where I should never let my voice out. I believe it is the reason why my voice got darkened. and actually I got these feedback from the SS forum members too. "You're singing too dark", "you're voice is too muddy." It's like cluttered in my throat. I think the method of 'don't let your voice out' just burnt in my mind made my voice stuck in my throat.. does that make sense?  Whatever.. then in august I started Mastering Mix, in hope that I can fix the 'ratio issues'. (that's what one of the SS forum's coach says. I have resonance ratio issues)  They said I should do 1 week per CD. I did it until the CD8. out of CD9. At that point I was already decided to change the approach of my voice. Then I got here. I got the volume one of Ken's program and hopefully it will help me to have some fixing.

Also I never really used the diaphragmatic support... they don't really talk about it. WHen I asked questions I only got so complicated replies, even when they said something it got contradiction later..

So that's it, I hope it was not that boring. I'm like very new to this approach, please if you can help me out.

I will show you a recording of where am I now in my singing.


for the lower sections of my voice listen to this:
and for the heavier side listen to this: 

please listen from start to end at both if you can.

my goal is to have a successfull career with a band. I know there are no fairytales. But hard work will pay off they say. I have dedication and inspiration too. My mostly inspirational bands are Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Shinedown. There are others too but they are my main guys haha.

so again that's it. I'm excited for this new chapter of my life and my singing.. well they are both the same :D  I hope I can hear from you soon. bye.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    Hi, @Corlene


    Welcome to the KTVA forums.  You are among friends here, with similar stories.  I too spent time and money on the singing products you mentioned, and was still looking when I found KTVA.  I tried a lot more singing courses, at least about 17, before I found KTVA.

    Rest assured, if you do your part, KTVA will work for you.  Do what Ken says in Volume 1, practicing every day at least an hour per day, five or six days a week.  Set aside the nonsense you were taught in the other courses.  So much of what you were taught by them is bull that it's best to start anew. 

    Your voice should respond well to the KTVA methods.  You need more support, especially on the high notes.  Your voice sounds very mid-range in tone, but I think most of that is the mic you are recording with.  You should brighten up the tone, however.  You will need to open up the throat more and pinch down a lot less for those higher notes. 

    You do have a good voice by nature, and that's a good place to start from.  Demos that you submit should be of you doing the KTVA exercises, so we can see if you're doing the KTVA techniques correctly.  They don't have to be long.  One full exercise is plenty.

    As you said, music is not an easy way to make a living, but it is a path many of us have followed.  Often we have to work harder than everyone else, keeping a day job AND working as a musical performer.  Certainly improvement of our vocals is a wise choice for anyone in the entertainment business. 

    You are listed here as "member".  If you have paid in full for your KTVA Volume 1, you should request to have your KTVA forums status upgraded to Volume 1.  That will give you access to a lot more information and videos here on the forums.

    Copy and paste into an email a copy of your receipt for your KTVA purchase.  Send that information to ktvaforums@gmail.com and request a forums upgrade.  That will give you access to the student areas of the forums.

    Thank you for telling us about yourself and your goals.

    Looking forward to hearing your progress!






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    CorleneCorlene Member Posts: 4
    Thank you for your understanding Bob! Great to be here, in a new community!  Sure I'll do as soon as I can, but right now I have very little internet. When I move to London and got the network back, I'll do the "paper work" to have full membership.

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    CorleneCorlene Member Posts: 4
    one more thing, do you have any guesses on what voice type do I have? If you set aside the fact that now my voice is little bit darker than it should be.. 

    not really important but curiosity.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358

    You are probably a low tenor or high baritone.  Not much difference between the capabilities of those two, and those are just limiting labels.  Both can hit high notes, but the high baritone can also hit lower notes than the tenor.



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    CorleneCorlene Member Posts: 4
    i see. Most of the times, I struggle with hitting C3 and my lowest note is around A2, A#2. After that, I go into Vocal fry.. Sometimes I can hit G#2 without VF but it's really the last one.
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