Hi all.

A  video of me attempting Bed of Roses by Bon Jovi.


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    Overall:  You should be standing.  Your support will be more effective standing, with proper posture. Your pitch is pretty good.


    Bed of Roses:  Sounds pretty good.  I'd like it better if the voice was more predominant in the mix.  You could brighten up the tone a bit, and use a little more support, especially on the higher notes.  Nice Bb4. 

    Would:  Similar feedback as Bed of Roses.

    Space Oddesy: This one is better vocal-mix wise.

    Simple Man: Nice job.  This song and your delivery of it suits your voice well.  Nice hat and glasses. ; ^ )  Nice C5.

    Rooster:  Not bad.  And that's about it.

    Music of the Night:  Needs to be a lot brighter, more cord closure and more support.  The Music is covering up your voice.

    Call Me: Music is hiding your voice.  Voice need to be brighter.  What I can hear sounds good.  More support would suit this song, especially up high.

    45: The quiet parts need more brightness in your voice, more cord closure.  The compressed part sounds good.  The backing tracks are too high in proportion to your voice.

    Black: Good job. 

    Say Something: Nice job.  Your voice needs to be more in the forefront.  On the softer parts, you need more bright timbre in your voice. 

    In general: Smile more... your teeth will help to keep the sound from sounding covered.

    Good job, overall. 




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    that is awesome advise Bob.. thank you very much... I will exactly as you have suggested!
    That was a C5? hum.. not bad for a baritone then I guess.. haha..

    Thank you for taking the time to respond as well.
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    Yes.  That was kind of a lot to review all at once, but I enjoyed listening to your different styles. 

    Hopefully next time you won't have another 10 all at once!

    : ^ )


    We have lots of baritones hitting C5's and above here, so you're in good company.



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