I'm really glad to be among the elite here!

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Hey everyone!

I'm Stan, from New York. I've been singing - or at least trying to sing for a couple of years. I've encountered several bumps along my journey and felt quite discouraged to continue, I'll admit .. mainly due to not finding any band members to jam with and not being able to fully grasp some of Ken's techniques. But I'm pulling myself back into training. I have just recently recorded vocals to an original song... I would love for you guys (especially Ken!) to hear it, comment on it, critique the hell out of it... Tell me what I'm doing wrong/right, etc. Please try not to cringe, hehe. ;)

I'm excited to be here. And I thank you guys for welcoming me, and listening to the tune!


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    CaptainStanCaptainStan Member Posts: 2
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    the song is titled "You're so Weird" ... I had an incredibly tough time singing this one.

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    Welcome @CaptainStan!

    Your original is difficult to critique your voice because the music and effects push your voice back into the background pretty far.  I listen to a lot of demos and offer feedback, but the vocals need to be more predominant in the mix in order to offer useful comments.

    For actual vocal technique we like to hear KTVA exercises being performed by the student.  That is the gold standard for comparing apples to apples.

    If you have purchased any KTVA volumes or bundles, you should get your forums status upgraded.  As a "member" you only have a limited view of the forums.  If you copy and paste into an email your purchase receipts for your KTVA products, you can request a forums upgrade.  If you are on a payment plan, you may have to wait for your final payment to get the final upgrade.

    Send your email with your receipts to ktvaforums@gmail.com  

    Glad you're resuming your training!






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