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Singing without bothering others

We all know that on this singing program in order to grow our voice we have to train loud.
Does anyone have any tips to not bother people around you? It makes me fell a little embarrassed to train when I know there's people near.
Anything is appreciated


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    MattMatt Pro Posts: 197
    Hi Felipe_

    I know that Ken, whilst staying in hotels, has sung in to pillows before in order to not disturb other guests. This works well, as does singing into a shoe (which works surprisingly well, if you can ignore the smell!).

    Another option is to sing in a car, which sounds much quieter to those outside of the car. The main issue with this is lack of support as you are sitting down however.

    Neither of these options is ideal as you can easily over-sing, use too much air without realising etc, but at times we don't have much of a choice! If you can, I'd recommend finding a space (studio, empty room where you work / at your school) and borrowing it for as long as you need.

    Hope this helps!
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