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Just a few questions

Out of sheer curiosity, I have a few random questions..

1) I have found that my passagio seems to be at around the E4 note.. On xxxxxxxx there are two vocal fachs associated with this, being the lyric baritone (B3 and E4), and the high tenor (E4 and A4). 3 years ago when I had just begun I couldn't even reach some of the notes I easily have now, and my singing teacher at the time insisted I would most likely be a low baritone. I know these are merely classifications and may not be particularly important in the big scheme, but I was wondering if anyone could help shed some light on how I would go about correctly identifying which one I am. Tenor seems to be the least likely to me, but it certainly feels like that is the note where I begin bridging in to head voice.

2) Theoretically, if a man were to stretch his chest voice down to develop a lower speaking voice, would that also impact his ability to easily reach high notes? Or not, since both lower and upper registers can be stretched for singing anyway?

3) Would practicing fast scales, such as in Track9Vol1 ultimately help with the ability to perform vocal runs?

4) Is there a clear identifiable way to distinguish between true head voice and falsetto? With many singers it seems difficult to tell the difference, is it possible they are simply using a mix of the two? When I go in to what I believe to be my head voice, it feels very compressed and squeaky, because I am comparing it to my falsetto and rationalising that it is meant to sound and feel noticably different to me.

Many thanks in advance! :)


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
    edited October 2014

    1. We do not concur with the information on that site (see terms of use) and also don't feel that it is necessary to box your voice into a classification that specifically.  With KTVA your voice is much more likely to span more than one of those boxes.  Please do not reference that site here.  Thanks.

    2. Theoretically it might, but it might not.  It depends.

    3. Yes, but there are faster scales in Volume 3 that will build more agility than the Volume 1 scales.

    4. Falsetto's distinguishing characteristic is the lack of cord closure.  It is more "hooty" because the vocal cords are slightly apart when using falsetto. 



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    Seeker1189Seeker1189 Pro Posts: 35
    Thanks for the quick and concise answers as always Bob
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