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Ken talks about moving from chest to head voice around E to G. Would that be a passagio? If so, is there another one up higher? It seems to me I have two of those transitions. The first around a C, the second one is also C, an octave higher.


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    Yes.  There is a primo passagio and a secondo passagio. 

    Usually, if you have to make adjustments around C4, you will have to again adjust around E, F,  F# or G4.   It is not unusual for someone to have to work at stretching chest voice for quite a long time before they can remain in chest voice until C5.

    If you're already making it to C5 before having to go to head voice, consider yourself to be fortunate.  A lot of others would probably like to trade voices with you.

    : ^ )


  • musicmanmusicman Member Posts: 11
    Ok, let me clarify. My first (Primo) passagio is at C (1st fret, 2nd string) 2nd passagio (secondo) is at C (8th fret, 1st string). I can go to A (5th fret, 1st string) before having to go to head voice. Are these vocal placements normal, and should I just maintain, and strengthen them, as they are. My top high note, in head voice is around an E (12th fret, 1st string.
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    If you are having to go to head voice at A4 (5th fret, 1st string) then that is your secondo passagio.  If you have to shift, it's a passagio.

    So what is it you're doing at C5 (8th fret, 1st string)?  Another shift, because you're already in head voice, if I understand you correctly?    If so, then you are shifting from head voice into exactly what?  A thinner head voice at C5?

    You may, of course, be gradually mixing through any of these regions, in which case it's like a giant, gradual passagio.  Most people start out shifting in steps, and eventually smooth the whole thing into a gradual shading from chest into head.


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro Posts: 14,928

    By the way, @musicman, you're quoting Ken in the KTVA volumes, so I'm wondering if you are a KTVA student?

    You are listed here as a "Member".  If you have purchased a KTVA Volume or Bundle, then you can request to have your forums status upgraded, which gives you access to a lot more KTVA information.  There are students-only sections of questions and answers, a lot more instructional videos, and more.

    So if you are a student and want to upgrade, then please copy and paste into an email to [email protected] a copy of your purchase receipt(s).  Ask for a forums upgrade.





  • musicmanmusicman Member Posts: 11
    Thanks Bob. No I'm not a KTVA student, but I have done a lot of research on the internet and this forum seems to be the most knowledgeable and practical. I have been singing, and performing professionally for over 50 years, and just within the last year (finally) began researching proper technique. Thanks for your help.
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