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Location: Maine

Gender: Female

Vocal Experience: Since age 2, everything from choirs to National Anthem to theatre to country music competitions to live bands (pop, motown, disco, classic rock, progressive metal).  BMI songwriter. Can play a little flute, saxophone, keys and about 4 chords on guitar. LOL.

 I was given the 3 CDs for Christmas after expressing to my boyfriend that I wanted to take my music to the next level. I have been singing since age 2, onstage since age 9. I grew up in a musical family with two aspiring country singers as parents. Needless to say, no matter what style I sing, a little bit of soulful country squeaks through.  ;-) My goal is to have a national recording career, most likely in country music. Ken does a great job teaching such a difficult subject. I do sing in the shower, and the car, and my bedroom, and wal-Mart. ;-) Right now I also front two bands (one is a function band, the other is a pop-rock cover band) and a few times a month perform with my church worship band. I can be found on reverbnation, facebook, myspace, youtube and twitter.  Easiest way to find me is of course "Google" Bobbi Berracah Music. As far as I know I'm the only one with that name. LOL. Looking forward to checking out other artists on this page.

Best wishes,

Bobbi B

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