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Avery Wilson - amazing


 what do you guys think of his technique? he is phenomenal, he seems to have such incredible control over all aspects of his voice. i'd kill to have his talent. Perhaps this will be some more motivation for us all


  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,333

    He has quite the versatile voice.

    I find it interesting that he does the fast vibrato and the note embellishments at the same speed.  The vibrato speed is a little fast for my personal taste, but I think it makes it easier for him to get in and out of the vocal runs from a sustained vibrato-ed note.

    He has a great range and power.

    I like the run with the glottal stroke at 3:39.  You don't think he sings just about around the clock, do you?  How about the fast enunciation at 4:30 saying slow down...

    I like melismatic singing.  I like gospel singers and their style. 

    At 6:08 a little taste of Journey...

    This video has a lot of styles, all of which show off his voice.

    Good motivational material.  He seems to seek out rooms with a lot of natural reverb for phone recordings.



  • Seeker1189Seeker1189 Pro Posts: 35
    I'm very impressed by his voice. He did well on America's The Voice a few years back, but has improved a lot since then, I think he must have had some good coaching. He's definitely showing off as much as he can with all those complex runs and high notes, but on the Vine app you only get 7 seconds to record a video, it's a good way to promote yourself. On his high notes and belts he seems to be using open throat technique, I've noticed this with a lot of singers I like. I'm not sure if this is from teaching or something many of them they do instinctively, it seems to me that open throat singing isn't commonly taught at all by vocal coaches. Overall he has a great tone as well, I'm sure this is also down to support and good healthy technique. His runs excite me, all the notes are perfectly on pitch and clearly enunciated even at such a fast speed. I'm positive that with Ken's program and the right dedication, we can all learn to sing so well. By the way, what is it you mean exactly by "just about around the clock" (I'm from the UK and I think I misunderstand the phrase :) ) Overall an inspiring singer for sure
  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,333

    By around the clock, I mean that every waking moment is probably spent singing, no matter if it's morning, noon, or night. 

    The guy obviously loves to sing, and you don't get good at accurately executing tasteful runs by just opening your mouth one day and being able to do that.  You have to start out more slowly and gradually build up speed and agility.  You need really good breath control to sustain notes or phrases and then run down trills at the end of the phrase.  It's like a melody line at the end of the melody line.  You really have to work on your vocal chops to get this working well.  Doing kazillions of scales and gradually speeding them up faster and faster is a way to build that kind of agility.  As you memorize some runs, and eventually piece multiple runs together, you then do the same thing with the runs and trills.  You gradually increase your speed and agility.  Do this 24/7 or as close to that as you can, and eventually you, too, will be getting into this realm of cool, stylistic, melisma.


  • Seeker1189Seeker1189 Pro Posts: 35
    Some great advice Bob. I can do some very basic runs but if I try and speed them up i miss notes or they just aren't clear enough to be up to standard. Slow practice makes perfect, I see it in a similar way to how one would practice to be fast on the drums and guitar.
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