Greetings from a swede in Norway

Hello all!

I am from Sveden but moved to Norway in 1994. I have music as my big hobby and I have been singing since I was a kid (now at 44) and have taken a few singing lessons on the way. I just bought the whole course and is starting my way through it. I am EXCITED to be learning from Ken and I have already got some AHA -experiences! I guess I will get more of those as I continue.

I am not a PRO, but I sing quite a lot in funerals and get paid for that, so I guess I could call me Semi-Pro?? I have been lead singer in a band, but that was many years ago. I believe I have been standing still in my voice for many, many years, so I am REALLY up to learn more from Ken Tamplin. I think he is really good to teach and explain.

I look forward to be introduced to some of you out here in this forum. I will probably have some questions as I go through the videos, so I hope you will be kind enough to answer those :-) Perhaps I can answer myself after learning this?

Greetings from Norway!


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    Welcome to the KTVA Forums!  We're excited to have you join us!  It's nice of you to let us know a little bit about you.  You should do well with Ken's lessons. 

    Dig in and enjoy the journey.  You are among friends here!



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