Hello from Idaho

I just bought the DVD bundle for my birthday.. Now what do I do? I have to wait for the post, this is going to kill me LOL.. ;0)


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    Hello, there, Idaho!  I mean @Playday4!


    Are you good at twiddling your thumbs?  How about pacing in circles? 

    Have you checked your email, including your "junk" email?  You might have some important email somewhere...



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    @ Highmtn, I live in Idaho, we rock at twiddling LOL and that's about it. Going to have to give the, pacing in circles, some practice though.. ;0)  I think I will have plenty to do trying to get my forum upgraded from member to, I think, pro.. I might of jumped in here too soon LMBO.. Oh well all is a challenge at first to be mastered at the end.. Thanks for commenting back have a great day..
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    If you copy and paste into an email to [email protected] a copy of your KTVA purchase receipt you can probably get upgraded at least from member to Volume One, which will give you WAY more access to the forums NOW, including a number of videos and many more forums posts.

    The reason I asked about if you've checked your email and junk email is because a good chunk of the KTVA bundles is DOWNLOAD ONLY.  So, depending on whether you paid in full or are doing a payment plan, you could actually have SOME of your KTVA package already sitting online ready to be downloaded.  Don't quote me on that, but it's worth taking a look.  Your email may have thought the download was spam and tucked it away somewhere.  Also, it may not be labeled as "KTVA" on the email.  Look for New Game Media.  That is the distributor for the downloads.  Could be labeled as Hightail, which is a download program also.  

    Check it out and see.  I was kidding you about the pacing.

    : ^ )


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    Thanks so much, I'll check for it.. Still working on the pacing, but it's coming together..  ;0) LOL
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