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My First EVER Vocal - Evaluation please

This is the first for me. The first time I've ever recorded my vocals. It's an easy song, Say Something. I played the piano, and recorded that. Then sang the song, recording that. Then mixed the two in Logic Pro. Did the video separate, had to lip sync it. 

I do this because I'm not yet talented enough to play AND sing at the same time. I'll get there... it's a slow road. This was the first piece of music I've performed on the piano in 25 years. Took me a month to learn the piano...then another month to get up the nerve to sing it... then another month to actually get up the nerve to record everything and post it on You Tube. 

I appreciate the feedback. 



  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
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    Hi @TomGlander,

    Not bad for a First Ever.

    You're on pitch.  You're on time.  This is a reasonably easy piece, which means you played it safe and scored one for the home team!  Good for you for getting up the nerve to let total strangers hear you and tell you what they think.

    Coming up, to give you pointers you can use, you may want to submit some short examples of you doing the Lah scale.  That's kind of the Gold Standard that we can measure where you're at with your KTVA studies.  That's more of an apples to apples kind of litmus test that we can measure your progress with.  Singing songs is a less exact way of applying specific techniques in a standardized format.

    The tone you use in this recording is appropriate for the song and the mood.  In general, on your KTVA exercises we'll be moving your voice up and down the scale more and wanting to hear a brighter sound that has a lot of ping in it. 

    So this is a big step for you, and I want to be the first to let you know that you have officially survived your public debut.  So from here on out, you're a pro, an old hand at this!  No more reason to worry about being judged or criticized.  Not that we won't judge or criticize, that's what we do here, but we just do it in a way that is helpful and gets you on to the next waypoint in your journey... 

    So congratulations.  You have just been heard by total strangers all over the world, and we're all ready to hear more, and cheer you on as you take each step, and then the next one, and on down the road...

    Welcome to the world of public performance and being heard around the entire planet by other singers that know exactly how you feel!  We'll be getting a little more technical as becomes appropriate.





  • TomGlanderTomGlander Pro Posts: 17
    Well, thank you. I can do the Lah scale and will post it here, as long as I don't lose my place. I see why it's important to do that, to judge apples to apples, as you say. 

    Yes, it's a big leap, doing that first one. I enjoy this so much. First time I've just not cared about making money doing something, or not. 

    I do it because I must. I'm driven, for some odd reason. Time will tell where this goes, if it goes anywhere at all. But I suspect it will. 

    Appreciate your feedback, Bob. Looking forward to more as I post more. 

  • TomGlanderTomGlander Pro Posts: 17
    Hi Bob, here's the post of the Lah scale. Do you know what the lowest note is, and the upper most note? Where am I in the range--bass, baritone, tenor, ???  

    Appreciate your feedback. This is a quicky into the iPhone, and posted to YouTube, but you can hear what's going on. 

    Thanks a bunch, really appreciate the eval. 

  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357


    You posted this demo two times.

    I answered on the other one, which is in the Volume One section on Lah Vowel.



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