Larynx tension when i sing higher? Help!! (With video)

Hey guys, this has been bothering me for quite a while now. I rap, I don't really sing, but I realized that since my goal is to become a famous/successful rapper, I need to know how to use my voice properly. But I have a bunch of tension in my throat, probably because my primary vocal technique is yelling really loud lol. I also can't support with my diaphragm. Please watch my video to understand my problem :) Thanks.

Note: the vid is still processing as I'm writing this so if you read this soon it might not be ready.


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    Hi Whitley,

    In this video starting at 2:36.
    Do you hear how hard you are "clamping" down on the cord? You are pinching and squeezing off your throat. This is not a healthy sound or anything to do with "open throat" in fact it's the opposite.

    If you are doing this sound to get it bright, this is not the way to do this.

    Let's start by going back to Volume 1 AH Vowel video, but I want you to have the feeling of a relaxed laryngeal feeling (like your voice is "floating" on a cushion of air so to speak. Let's not even try for a bright timbre right now. Let's first focus on your relaxing the throat. (even if you flip into head for now, just so we can get that tension out of your throat. 

    This will require you singing with much less volume as well.

    You are adding way too much mass in throat by trying to singing too loudly.

    You have not built up your voice for this kind of velocity yet.

    Please post another video on this so we can see/hear your progress and we will go from there.
  • whitleyblainewhitleyblaine Enrolled Posts: 7
    Ok! Thanks for the quick response, I'm excited to start improving these issues. I'll warm up for a bit, then do the exercises while focusing on keeping my larynx totally relaxed, and then post a video of what it sounds like.
  • whitleyblainewhitleyblaine Enrolled Posts: 7
    Here's a video of me doing the tongue exercise and the first two vowel exercises. I was gonna do the rest of the exercises but I don't wanna overwork my voice, considering all the abuse it's been through lol I think I should ease into it. Also I wanna be doing the exercises with proper technique. So there's only one part to the video.

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