Thriller - Michael Jackson Acoustic Cover

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Yo - 
Back after a lil hiatus! Quickly put together this Jackson cover this week, not 100% happy with the vocal specially around the Night creatures call area, (but pronouncing those words up there is really hard haha) but please give it a listen! Voice has a long way since my first youtube video in January! Thanks Ken Tamplin!

Would love to hear peoples thoughts!



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    Your voice is sounding great, as usual.  You do such a great job of dropping off the weight in you upper chest and mix.  Super Support!




  • johnjohn johnjohn Pro Posts: 99
    @ Phil: This is very cool.  Really enjoyed your rendition.  Love the vocal, and the guitar.  
    Thanks for sharing.  :-)
    Btw., what tuning are you using on the acoustic?


  • philmaherphilmaher Pro Posts: 48
    Thanks @highmtn ! This is the first video showing the actual kind of direction i want to take my singing, and be able to flip up into higher registers, but also resonate and enjoy kinda the lower notes with a little bon jovi twang and a more solid vibrato. Still working on really convincing heavier tones but haven't even started to watch volume 3 yet still so that will come!

    @johnjohn If i had the time I'd be doing the most ridiculous massive cover versions but just a lot quicker to do acoustic version for sure! But thankyou! 
     Thats a good sign that you've asked that question :) means it sounds a lot more interesting than what it is haha, because Its just standard tuning, lots of open chords with the top 2 strings ringing out a lot of the time. and then just some clashy lines on top to confuse it a bit further.

    Big thanks to Ken for posting it on the FB, lots of views/comments and connections made! :)


  • kaulferskaulfers Pro Posts: 300
    Great energy.  
  • johnjohn johnjohn Pro Posts: 99
    @ philmaher: Re the tuning.  Haha!  I had a hunch it might be standard, since I too, play a lot of open chords similar to you, but I couldn't be absolutely sure, since you pulled it off magnificently.
    Anyway, great voice, and all very inspiring.  I love it when I see and hear something this cool.
    Thank you!

  • phillphill Pro Posts: 5
    @philmaher  Your video is so cool and I really like your voice. I really dig the rock & roll Michael Jackson rendition of Thiller.  Great Job!! and I look forward to hear more of your progress. I just started at ktva so i'll see you around- Happy singing.
    All the best-

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