Heyho from switzerland

I thought about this for about a year now, finally I managed to buy this awesome course!
My name's Dario and I'm nearly 21 years old^^
I take my voice seriously for about one and a half year now.
I was a really good singer as a kid, managed to sing very high and naturally, sadly I stopped singing when I went through puperty,
now I think I'm a baritone with alot of potential, but still couldnt find a way back to my high voice.
I can go from d2-f4 pretty good and safe... everything above f4 in chest is really chaotic, though i managed to do a g4 today with the Ah vowel (really just barely started)
my great strength is my headvoice up to b5 (on very good days a c6).
My voice feels really heavy sometimes... I'm very loud and i get depressed because i just can't get past f4/g4 without losing my power, tone and quality it's like from 100 to 0 withing one note.
But I don't give up, I know there IS a voice above f4, even in chest, because I want to sing all my favourite rock songs!
I love sleaze/heavy/glam/classic, just all of it!
I'm looking forward to grow my voice, to be an awesome singer, I just want it and need it :D!



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357


    aka Dariolicious

    Welcome.  We're glad you finally showed up.  We were wondering why it took you a YEAR to get here!  (I did the same thing).

    I think you're going to like what Ken's program is going to do to your voice.  Pay close attention to what Ken says in the videos, and work out on the audio workouts every day.

    You will see tons of improvements.

    Nice to have you here!



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