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I would like to see Mr. Ken Tamplin do videos on how to sing like David Coverdale, Janis Joplin, and Tina Turner because I am obsessed with power vocal singing. It's just something about power vocal singing that gives me the chills and touches deep in my soul.


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    You might want to save this link to your favorites: https://www.youtube.com/user/kentamplin

    It's Ken's YouTube Channel.

    I believe you will find some David Coverdale examples, and quite a few power vocals for many other artists.  I'm not so sure there are any for Janis  or Tina, but perhaps those might find their way into the mix before too long.  There are a lot of power tunes by Gabriela Guncikova and Adam Spizzo, if you haven't heard them all.  Tons of tunes by Ken, as well.



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    toya1986toya1986 Pro Posts: 7
    Thank you Mr. Bob I have checked out a lot of the videos of Gabriela Guncikova and Adam Spizzo as well as Ken's. Maybe I can be one of Ken's first to do a video on how to sing like Tina Turner. What do you think Mr. Bob? Do you think I have a shot at that?
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