Hello from New Zealand!

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Hey fellow KTVA members!

I'm a new student of Ken's and man! I'm so impressed by this guys knowledge...

Been through Brett Manning, Roger Burnley and Singing Release. They helped but I know that this program is gonna get something different outa me!

I grew up training to be a classical pianist but I've recently made a full-time switch to singing/guitar/songwriting. I'm a hard worker and I'm hoping that with this course I'll start bringing out the star inside me! I've got a good voice with an alright (but pushed) higher range - I really can't wait to start wailing like Ken!

My influences since I was a thirteenyearold kid are Jeff Buckley, Sting!, Chris Cornell, MJ, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, and pretty much grew up on stuff like Nirvana, regular poppy stuff, the Ramones haha, Ray Charles, and maaaaaaan like a big influence has also been U2. Recently I'm into Kings of Leon, Alter Bridge, and (unfortunately VERY pop!) Pat Monahan from Train and also Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars.

What I'd love my voice to grow into sounding like is a mix of JEFF BUCKLEY - BRUNO MARS - DAVE GROHL - PAT MONAHAN - STING... yep, wouldn't that be nice?

I pretty much love ALL music... Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Stravinsky... man, even middle eastern stuff and also Jewish music fascinates me.

Anyway, that's me...

Looking forward to being a regular part of the community!



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    Oh... I'm 20 and also have my grade 7 in ABRSM theory and practical [piano] (as if that matters?!) I LOVE GUITAR MUSIC SO MUCH! I'm starting to perform as a solo unit... it's quite exciting lol.
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    You are extremely welcome here.  It will be exciting seeing and hearing you grow into the monster vocalist you are about to become.  It will be hard work that you will need to stay dedicated to... but it sounds like you are probably up to the task, so no problem!

    Keep us posted on your progress.


    Bob H.


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    Hey Bob H.,

    Thanks for the welcome -- it's good to be here!

    I'm really, really EXCITED and can't wait to get into the more complex stuff... atm I'm just learning the basics over again.
    It's so cool - I'm already easing into the higher register (without using my head voice) just with the basic AH vowel modifications...
    Soooo mean!

    Anyway, thanks for the welcome - I will work hard

    Looking forward to hearing you too...

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    Welcome to KTVA! I'm pretty sure you'll achieve what you want here :D! As long as you do perfect practice ;). Oh and if you have any questions, feel free to ask around the forums and don't forget to attend the free webinars that Ken organizes :DD!

    Rayhan from Malaysia
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