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i think i am going to be taking a break for music and singing lessons for awhile. it seems i am showing signs of  tinnitus. it maybe sinus infection, i don't know. i've had ringing and clicking in my ears for  a month. i'm going to stop all unnecessary activities for now to see what happens. so i probably won't be posting as much.

your friend,


  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Get well soon mike! It's better if you visit a local ENT too! Hope to hear from you soon!!
  • reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159

    hey Mivision. This post definitely stopped me in my tracks. Im sorry your experiencing this. BUT I want you to know that you are not alone. I have had tinnitus for about 4 months now, before this program.No idea why either. I know it sucks but actually my mind and body have learned to shut it out. Sometimes it does get loud though and I really have to focus on something else whole heartedly. Anxiety increases it btw. An ENT would help but sometimes they just dont know the cause, it could be TONS of things believe me!!

    GOOD LUCK and dont be discouraged!


  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    thanks reesse and koko :)
  • dingodingo Enrolled Posts: 119
    Hey mike, tinnitus really stinks. If it doesn't go away, go to an ENT. I've had tinnitus for nearly 5 years now.  I went to the ENT after it didn't go away and I noticed my hearing was decreasing. Had all the tests but they don't know why it is there. Mine seems to be permanent. I wear hearing aids now because I am going deaf which makes it go away while I wear them. I do hope you come back soon.
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    @ dingo . you still do your music with it? i'm afraid my hearing will get worse. i have had some sinus problems. maybe thats it. am waiting a couple of weeks to see what happens. if no change then an ENT. i've been to a family doctor have been on antibiotics for 3 or four weeks. we'll see
  • dingodingo Enrolled Posts: 119
    Yes, I still do music. I just protect my ears. Is it possible you are allergic to dust or something? Is it in both ears or just one?
  • dingodingo Enrolled Posts: 119
    One day I will be deaf so I better hurry up and make some music! 
  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    both. what kind of protection? there is also popping when i move my jaws like my tubes are stopped up. chewing gum seems to help

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  • dingodingo Enrolled Posts: 119
    You can buy filtered ear plugs. Did it start when you started taking the anti biotics? 
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    I have tinnitus too and I'm going to be examined in couple of weeks. Currently (and lately) I'm using good ear protection when in loud or even semi-loud enviroment. I have earplugs that are molded to fit my ears and now I have learned to sing with them on in any enviroment.

    Also I know that my tinnitus has a lot to do with stress and emotional issues that are repressed. I'm going through a therapy process now and my tinnitus is clearly affected. For a while it was gone altogether, just for some days or a week or so, but it was the biggest surprise. Now it's back and it's intensity is totally unpredictable, it comes and it goes, but it's on. Now I don't care anymore, it doesn't bother me and it isn't that intense, although not too long ago it was driving me mad and I was very angry and afraid. It sounds funny but I'm facing deeper issues and the tinnitus is just icing on the cake, it's probably a symptom of something worse. These things tend to be very mental, or psycho-somatic. 

    That's my situation, I guess everybody's tinnitus is unique :)

    "there is also popping when i move my jaws"

    I have that too! Also if I clench my teeth the tinnitus gets more intense. Do you know something about this?
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    @dingo. no it started before. the ringing and sinus pressure is why i when to the doctor. but i had been noticing the music and my piano playing had been sounding strange. i moved into a spare bed room to practice my music a couple of month ago, it is very small. i can not play music in there any more, the sound is very disturbing and my ears start ringing. i don't even lesson to heavy music and it bothers me. the ring is very lite if i stay away from semi loud noise. i'm just going to stay cool for awhile and see what happens.
    @olli , sorry to hear about your situation i hope things work out for you. yes mine gets worst when i clinch my teeth and they pop when i move my jaw. i did some web surfing and found a ton of people have this problem. here is an organization that is dedicated to this problem.
    i went to guitar center yesturday and bought some  Hearos high fidelity ear plugs. i'll post my review when i've used them.

    thanks all for the response
  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    hearing is come back to normal .
    Thank You Jesus!
  • reessereesse Enrolled Posts: 159
    Im glad your hearing is coming back by the way!!
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    Glad to see you're getting well! My wishes must've reached you! Hahaha XD
  • CrappyAppleCrappyApple Enrolled Posts: 8
    Good to hear that Mike ... (no pun intended).   =o)
  • KokonuhtKokonuht Member, Enrolled Posts: 658
    There's a pun in that? @__@?
  • DixonDixon Enrolled Posts: 1
    Got mad tinnitus from Iraq.

    Get a checkup to make sure it isn't a degenerative condition.  However, as far as I know, as long as it isn't something degenerative or something transient like a sinus infection, singing shouldn't aggravate your tinnitus if you're exercising unamplified.  ENT ASAP is what I'd say...  Also make sure you're plugging if you go to any loud shows or performing in a loud stage environment.  It's just good professional practice!  That said, even starting my car kicks the ringing into gear for me sometimes, as do certain sounds like a snare with a loud shell ring or something.  It sucks but you can manage it as long as you get it looked at early!
  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    @dixon,  i thought mine was doing away. it seems i was just  having a good day is all. sounds do effect mine. i'm going to a ENT as soon as possible. when you sing with ear plugs in do you just get use to the muffled sound?
  • olliolli Enrolled Posts: 4
    If you get earplugs that are molded to fit your ears then it will not muffle the sound at all. A lot of musicians use them.
  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    It is is getting better. I have found that if I use a plug in my left ear at over 90 db I'm OK. :-) I bought a sound meter at radio Shack and checked every where I've been practicing. The bedroom and my pickup were very loud. I don't practice in that room any more. Also I don't do hard rock so I'm keeping the db to 80-85
  • dingodingo Enrolled Posts: 119
    That is good it is getting better. I still would get it checked if it comes back just for your own peace of mind.

    Mine is ringing loudly now but I am in a very quiet room and it is noticeable. 

    Like the other poster said, when it first comes on, it does nearly drive you mad. It is possible to have anxiety and depression. Eventually your brain adapts. 
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