My first time here

Hi there,

My name is Sven and I love music. 
I found this site... Ken Tamplin... through a friend who directed me through a link on youtube. The first vid was kinda impressive.

About me and singing? 
I love to sing, I really do, but never really got it to develop. When I was younger (a lot) I used to sing a lot in my room and stuff.
Later on I got some kinda stage fright. So bad that I could feel someone was listening to me outside the room or even the house. I didn't even have to see them.
Although I kept singing by myself I never came out.

Only a couple of years ago I started to attend this church here and for some reason they invited me into the choir, since they thought I had a great voice. (not my opinion)
Later on they asked me to sing something and help out the youth with the music and stuff. So I started to use my voice to profit our youth musicians and did some solos.

I can honostly say that my voice has changed over the last three years and has improved a lot. I keep searching and trying out stuff to find out what fits me best.
I would sing worship songs, but like musicals just as well, including the funny ones like "Arabian Nights" from Aladin. I'll like rock as well and so on. 

Anyway, that was a bit of myself. 
I hope I can learn a lot and hope to buy the KTVA vocal pack one day.

Bless ya all. 


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Hi, @Sventje,

    It's nice to know that you have found your way here.  Your story about being picked out of the crowd to eventually lead singing at your church is an interesting one, as well as your self-consciousness about your voice. 

    You should become more self-confident about your voice.  Learning the basics about the voice would be helpful for you.  Who knows how far you might be able to develop your voice?

    We are a community of like-minded individuals here.  We all have things about our voices that we have felt the need to improve. 

    Stay with us.  Hopefully you will be able to start Ken's program somewhere along the way.

    All the Best!



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