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How to get a clear Head Voice and Style Questions

So I began doing the KTVA program last week before this I have done a few months of an online Singing Course by Eric Arcenaoux and a month of some of the Singing Success programs which were okay but were seriously lacking in what I need.  I am also a Worship leader for a small church and in two Choirs a Men's Choir and a Chamber Choir, I sing from Bass to Second Tenor (D# to G4) .   I'm doing this program so I can get my voice to a professional sound instead of what I'm working with for now.  I really like how Ken has made his program but I have to know how can I get a better head voice because mine is either too bright sounding or too flute sounding.  Also how can I find my own singing voice?  I plan on doing KTVA Disk 1 for the rest of the month before moving on to Volume II.


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    Hi, @Michaelkeeh11,

    If you have purchased a KTVA program, you should copy your receipt and paste it into an email to [email protected] and request an upgrade in your forums status. That will give you access to more information on the forums.

    Regarding your voice, you should record a short demo of you doing the standard Lah scales so we can hear what you are saying about your head voice.  Without hearing you, it's difficult to give you advice.

    Don't be in too great of a hurry to move on to Volume Two.  You want your voice to grow, and physically that takes time.  Minimum time to spend on each volume is about 6 to 12 weeks, to allow for growth and to build muscle-memory.  Short-change yourself and you may be wondering why your results are not as solid as you want them to be.  Good things take time.  Be thorough.  Don't rush and don't strain.  Listen to Ken's instructions and set aside what you may have been instructed in previous courses.  These other courses have their own theories and get different results.  If you mix and match, you won't be following instructions.

    All the best!



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