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Hi everyone!

My name is Dalibor and I’m 19 years old student from the Czech Republic. I’m singing for 2 years in the hard rock band. I didn’t have any singing experiences before that although I’ve wanted to sing since my early childhood.

Anyway, you hear this all the time: I’m probably baritone, my voice breaks around F4 and the highest note I’ve ever sung with some kind of choky sound was G#4. 

However, I’ve been 2 weeks in the KTVA program now and I feel so excited about it. I’m really looking forward to work with all of you guys.
Here I send an example of my singing:

Best wishes,


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    Hi, @dalibor!

    Welcome to the forums.  Your voice will grow from following and practicing Ken's instructions and exercises.  Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your music.

    Looking forward to your progress!



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     Welcome and what a beautiful country you live in.  I had the privilege to "run" in the New Years, 2014, with a 10k around the capital.


    Styling.  None the less, welcome.
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    @kaulfers, who also answered your post above, also started KTVA a few months ago with zero experience singing, and actually had a very hard time with singing on-pitch.

    He is making very good progress with his singing journey, and you can, too.

    You don't have to already be  a rock star to learn to sing at KTVA!

    Follow Ken's instructions, practice every day, and if you need help, ask here.  You, too, will make great progress!



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    @highmtn and @kaulfers, nice to meet you.

    Kauflers, thank you. It must be amazing running (even "running") through the Prague. Unfortunately I don’t live there, but I absolutely love it.
    Btw, I’ve watched some of your videos and man, pretty good job. It’s very inspiring.

    Bob, thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Your help will be priceless.
    I do my best, practice almost every day (6 days a week), working on stretching my chest voice right now and when we’re at it. I’ve read some discussions about this. That you must work on stretching the chest voice and building the connection separately, but should I first work on stretching the chest voice for a few weeks and then add building the connection or practice it both now?
    Because when I work on the connection and sing only as loud as it is able to connect, it starts to connect very low, around E4-F4 and goes into a head voice.
    Whereas when I strech the chest voice and use a little more support, I'm able to go to the G#4 easier and easier, thanks to the vowel modifications and Ken, of course.

    Looking forward to your answer,
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    Ken says that he prefers for students to first work on stretching chest before learning to bridge.

    His reason is that by stretching your chest, you may move your passagio up a few notes, and that you should work on transitioning into head voice at that higher location.

    Read the pdf file that comes with the download for Volume One.  That should explain it clearly to you.  Look in the folder for the Volume One Videos.  You will see one pdf file there.  Read that file.  It's a 12-page instruction for Volume One.



  • rafael_eimutrafael_eimut Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 3
    Yes, it's right there. I've read it before, but forgot it. Thanks Bob.

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