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After riding and signing along, lightly for several hours the voice felt good and warmed up.

I had to look up the chords again for this one but it's a fun song wagon wheel.  Recorded with a 20 dollar mic and the guitar plugged into my Acoustic 260 head through a DI into the computer. i had to boost the preamp (a lot) for this mic to even get some levels.  


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    Dude.  @kaulfers.

    Do you realize that just a few months ago you couldn't (please forgive me for saying this) carry a tune in a wet paper bag, and now you, my friend are singing.  There are a couple of minor pitch owies here:  At 0:52 on Seventeen Hours, and at 1:21 on Me Mama.  But even those are close, just no cigar...

    Dude, you couldn't even come close to this just a few months ago.  You have become a real singer.  Through your own hard work, and diligence, you are within a couple of notes of singing and recording perfect songs... with a decent-sounding vocal tone.  You have no idea how proud I am of your accomplishments.

    So many singers give up when they have pitch problems, because it's not easy to learn pitch discernment and pitch control.  But you've done it.  Compared to this, you used to sound (forgive me) AWFUL.  Compared to that, you now sound GREAT! 

    You had trouble singing one note on pitch before.  Now you only have one or two notes that are off by a small amount. Big turnaround!

    Keep doing what you are doing, and you will be following in streeter's footsteps in a few months! 

    I've thanked you before and I'm thanking you again for all your hard work and practice to realize your dreams and goals!  Keep it up, my friend!



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      I really enjoy your feedback because it's very honest. And never once has my poor little feelings ever been hurt by it :). In fact it's refreshing.
    What's funny is after about the first week of the lesson I became very aware of how off pitch I was, and went "what the!".  I didn't bother getting back learning a song until about a few weeks ago (3-4 months into the training).  

    Absolutly having a blast learning and hearing the voice grow.
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    You have a very "soothing" radio voice!  That's not what you do "for a living" is it?  It's one of those that you normally hear on the radio!!  You have definitely improved a lot in the pitch area, as Bob said!  Keep up the good work!
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