Hi ... recently returned after 27 years!!

Hi everybody,

Mmm where to start ...

So excited about seeing where this journey takes me.  I started playing keyboards at age 6 or so and was hooked as teenager.  Too shy to start or join a band but loved playing and singing.  Did an audio engineering course at 21 and the promptly went and got a proper job ... girlfriend/family pressure.  Duh!

So after a further 27 years as an Accountant (what!!!!!) and always being told you're not what we expected, I've decided to (as a hobby) take up this playing and singing thing again and just see if I could do a few pub gigs, nothing fancy.  My wife and kids who have never seen this side of me think it's a bit odd and at the moment they think they're humouring a mid life crisis :-)

Recently started a band and decided that actually I'm not really a team player (sorry but best to be honest eh?) so left to pursue solo interests.  Obviously at this point the singing need some attention so KTVA was my only choice after looking at loads of online options.

Just downloading Vol1 as I'm typing and can't wait to get going.

Hope to come back and tell of great improvements.

Best Regards,



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