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Hey Guys Just bought the program and joined the family ;D

How you guys doin!

I'm an artist/performer in the Orlando Florida area. I've taken some vocal lessons some years before, but I have peaked out on all the techniques I've been taught. I found Ken's videos online and the second I heard him sing I knew he was the real deal. I dabbled in some of his free videos on YouTube, and saw decent improvement just from those quick 5 minute videos. When he announced the Black Friday Promotion I just couldn't pass it up. I've started on Volume 1 already and I see the great potential in his methods. I look forward to growing with all of you, and hopefully make some new friendships along the way. I don't have any recordings out right now, but I strive to put out something soon. Send me over any of your recordings and I'd be happy to give it a listen. If you record your own music, I'd even be able to evaluate quality and give a second pair of ears if you're open to the suggestions. (I've worked in Studios for a couple years, and am an audio engineer in case you were wondering) 

Thanks for your time, and best of luck to all of you!!


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    Hi, Arthur.

    Welcome to the club!  You have made a wise choice, and gotten a really good deal on a great vocal course!

    Looking forward to hearing the growth in your voice as you progress on your journey!


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